Wednesday, September 10

Teething and cooler weather part 2

So we put the groceries away and I tell Daniel to call his mother (she called while he was at school and had poor reception so we talked for about 5 minutes between two different calls and I figured whatever Daniel can call back when he gets home).

I come down after Alice passed out within 30 minutes to find the strangest looking rice crispy treats I have ever seen. Daniel got too excited about eating them and didn't melt the marshmallows down enough. That means there were random marshmallows amongst the cereal. Plus it was REALLY sticky (also because it wasn't cooked long enough).

Alice wet herself awake every hour for the next 4 hours. I passed out with Daniel on our floor reading right before midnight.

Alice woke me up a few more times. The last time it looked bright. I woke Daniel and asked what time it was. 10:10. Oops. We rushed about getting dressed and the bulletin printed and off to church where we were surprisingly not late.

Sunday night was a similar thing. Only, her fever which was really low until then, spiked to 103.2 and at 5am I was sitting in a bathtub holding a crying baby and pouring water over her.

Alice woke us at 8:20. Daniel works at 8:30. She felt really really hot. Her temp was 104.4. She got a blessing and fell asleep and began feeling cooler. She still had abit of a fever the rest of Monday, but we drugged her. Between benzocaine on the gums and tylenol down the gullet she was manageable.

By Monday evening she had no fever and had little daggers coming out of her gums.

Daggers for chomping.

She also thinks she needs to be standing all the time. This results in falling. And bruises. She had a nice shiner on the edge of her chin that looked like a tiny fist clipped her. It was part pf the chair she was climbing. Luckily she seems to get over the pain rather fast.

Daniel said I needed to correct things from my last post, but I don't remember what they are. Oh well. Maybe I will post them some other time, maybe not.


Lydia said...

MMM rice crispies.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love rice kripie squares.......

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.