Friday, September 17

No soup for you!

Alice is stingy. Like really stingy.

We popped pop corn this evening right around scripture time. I was holding it during scriptures. Both her and Thomas was swarming me, but she took pop corn out of his hand and pushed him away a few times.

Then she decided that he had broken her 'rules' too many times. (or perhaps I had)

She grabbed the bowl of pop corn and cuddled up to Daniel in the chair across the room. Every time he said to take the pop corn to me, she would grab a reasonable {tiny} piece and hand {throw} it to {at} me.

We thought maybe it was because Thomas was there. The next time she did it, I had Daniel grab Thomas. Well, I still was not allowed to have the pop corn.

Clearly 2 yrs 9 months is when you start holding grudges. High Five Alice for making us reference Seinfeld. Stingy good vibes for the pop corn thing though.

Tuesday, September 14