Wednesday, June 25

Back to Blogging!

Hello little blog world. Did you miss us? Lots has happened since the blog was updated regularly. Here is the quick and dirty overview.

Thomas is now four. He was diagnosed with autism when he was two. We are getting ABA behavioral therapy in our home about 18 hours a week (3-4 hour sessions 5 days a week). When there is no school he has been getting two sessions a day. He is progressing really well in all areas except verbal language. But, we know that its never too late - and there have even been studies that many children with autism still learn to talk all the way up to age 10.

Alice is going to be in first grade in August. She is a talented little artist. I am sure you will see some of her work on the blog. She loves My Little Pony and Pokemon. She is a great helper, but would probably play games on a tablet or watch movies all day if we let her.

Danno is attending BYU-Idaho online. He didn't take this semester off, poor guy. It is at the point in the semester where if he stopped completing assignments he would still pass the class. Since its easily his third time taking English 101, this is an exciting milestone. He is also now a civil servant. He works full time for the state and commutes in a carpool to get to the capitol - meaning he is gone from home about 10.5 hours a day.
Rebecca is also attending BYU-Idaho online, but she took the Spring semester off knowing that the kids being home all day for 3 months would keep her busy. But, the blog has been an itch - a reminder that it used to be an enjoyable hobby - and a reminder that she doesn't even keep a regular paper journal these days. So, she has started the blog again as a birthday project / goal.

(And yes, I wrote a whole paragraph about myself in third person. It was fun.)