Friday, October 31

Alice screams

That title is because, Lucky me, thats what she has been doing all morning. And all day yesterday. And the day before. Here is my brain, here is my brain on drugs, here is my brain after being screamed at by a monster for the last 52 hours.

Ok fine she sleeps, but I am at the point I want to shut her in a room and walk away. She will only be diverted from the screaming and pinching (yeah she learned how!) if she is taking the cards out of my wallet, or asleep.

I wish she would sleep more. Or lose her voice. How has she NOT lost her voice yet?

And so I blog. Not because I have anything in particular to say, but to to and not pay attention to the cries that don't end.

If she is NOT teething I will be so mad because I don't want to deal with similar actions when she actually IS teething.

Oh my goodness, for the love of humanity. Shush it.

Wednesday, October 29

Daniel Blogs!

Or not, gotta go.

Thursday, October 23

ALice Reads

So ALice was jibber jabbing to herself on the floor. You know amidst the scattered Uno cards, the toys and some books.

I looked at her to discover she was reading Toy Story to herself.

She has since moved on, and come to remind me that I am the one that changes the diapers.

Some day I will post about our vacation. That day is not today.

Tuesday, October 21


Just found this, I guess it was never posted. So yeah. Post post post!

Tuesday, October 14

Fun in the Sun

Well, there is lots of things to probably post about the trip, but due to my lack of camera cord and no drive for the memory card on the laptop, you are getting random ramblings.

Its our last night in Florida. That means our last night of 70 degree nights and 85 degree days.

Alice got some sun. A farmer's tan to be exact.

We went to Turtle Mound/beach its part of a federal park. The waves were nuts and we played at getting run over by the waves. Daniel sat farther down since I had the baby, and by the time he stood up he had sand in his pockets (including his shirt pockets).

Ok, as I am writing this ALice went to see the great grandparents down the hall and Daniel is passed out and snoring on the floor. Good times. Ha, and I just scratched my head and got some sand under my nails.

The best part about the sand is that its tiny tiny pieces of shell. So its concave on one side. So it forms a suction on your body.

We also climbed to the top of Turtle Mound. Its not that big a hike, plus the whole thing is via a ginormous ramp (you know wheelchair accessible). The mounds are ancient garbage piles. Some tribe would winter down there, and throw all their shells in huge piles. So these hundreds of feet tall piles were the table waste. Wouldn't you like to see 800 feet tall piles of chicken bones?

Tuesday, October 7

Photo Post (and the bag I made)

Its now January 2004! I really should change the date on the camera...or at least turn it off. Well anyway: Here is the bag in all its glory (technically it needs ironed)

And below is my first zipper! I only ripped the whole thing out once (maybe twice) before I ended up using a glue stick to stick the suckah to the fabric, then sewed it in. To make it more confusing, there was a complete lining and then I had to add that on later.

Also, the zipper area had darts, but the patter was way confusing about it since it cut the excess fabric out of the pattern. After doing what looked like the picture I figured out what I was supposed to do and ripped them all out and do it right. And Below Gathered elastic pockets!

Holding the morning's diaper. Still clean!

A few moments later, the morning's diaper was on the move and no longer clean.

And from a couple of nights ago: Alice wants to work in a Chem Lab!!!

Except it was past her bedtime. Goodnight Alice!

I made this!

Ok, so its 1 am, and my eyes have been blurry since about 11. But I am done. Completed. Gimme a check mark. I made a ridiculous goal for myself, and I did it. Um, now since its 1 am and i am really really tired. Tired enough to maybe not even do spell check. You get an image from Google. Not quite the real deal, but ya know. Its the one in the lower left. Only in blue star burst fabric and brown trim. I made the mistake of thinking it would be cool with polka dots on the brown. Not so much. But it looks good. Or rather, good enough. Don't look too closely.

Monday, October 6


So one month from tomorrow will be a day when the nations future is decided. Yes that sounds ominous, but its true. And while I don't want to tell anyone how to vote, and I don't even care for discussing politics, I think its important to participate.

That means, if you aren't registered, register. The cut off date here is Kansas is Monday the 20th. Thats in 2 weeks people. And, if you have moved or whatever, you need to update that.

Here is a nifty video, courtesy of good old YouTube.

I wasn't old enough to vote in 96, so I wasn't part of the statistic, but how many of you were? Anyone feel guilty? And for the record I did vote the year I turned 18, and I didn't vote for Bush. I think he has been an ok president, but I didn't vote for him. Not that I even remember who he ran against in 2000. Maybe I even voted for the independant guy...whomever that was.

And in a totally unrelated to this post note: The MagicJack has been working beautifully. I think the connector to the USB port is loose or something, and a slight jiggle after plugging in and no more psycho software! Thats just happy times here. I think the cookies are ready to come out of the oven now. Yum, cookies.

Wednesday morning we leave for Florida...that means Its almost Christmas Break!

Saturday, October 4

KC Temple!

Woah. This was just announced by President Monson.

I am stoked!

Friday Night Date Night!

So the ward has started something freaking awesome in my opinion. The service committee got people to sign up to sit the kiddos while the parents can go out for an evening. Like from 6pm-10pm. As in, if we wanted to we could have gone to dinner somewhere nice, AND seen a movie.

So we looked to see what was going on in town. And I found out some odd info. Our movie theater doesn't post show times online. Now granted we probably wouldn't have actually gone, but I wanted to see whats in theaters. You know just in case there was some amazing movie that we would want to see. So that idea went out the window.

Daniel told me about "Get Downtown." You know musicians, shutting a street down. Promoting people to wander the 6 block strip that is our old style down town. We looked up the musician line up.

Um lets see there was a guy whose music was described as rock and roll that moved you below the belt. What the heck does that mean? Upon further investigation that means hard rock. I honestly don't get that at all.

The second guy is some amazing trombone/trumpet/something brass player. Sounds better than getting moved below my belt, but I don't know if it would really be enjoyable.

We also had a gift card for Chili's. Its the gift card I won by winning a chili cook off back in January. Yeah, we don't get out much. Partly cause Daniel is really not excited to eat at Chili's. He feels that most restaurants are rip offs and after looking up the menu online he didn't see anything he wanted. Even a little. So we are saving that for Christmas (which is in like 7 days people, so get pumped!).

Yeah we ate Wendy's. The justification? We never eat out, so even eating at Wendy's is a sort of big deal. Yeah for less than $5 we got dinner. Instead of getting dinner for free with the gift card. (Feel free to snot laugh here.)

Then we wandered around World Market followed by Hobby Lobby. FYI anyone that sews, or wants to sew, or knows people that sew: Hobby Lobby has McCalls patters for 99 cents right now! Considering most of their patterns are in the $15 range, this is a streal. I got a pattern to sew my own diaper bag. The free one from the hospital isn't cutting it. And I want a bigger one. One that will actually hold all the cloth diapering junk I have for the day of planes in T - 4 Days, followed by a second day a week later. And speaking of diapering stuff, there is someone stinky trying to climb into my lap.

Thursday, October 2

MagicJack = Fun times with Customer Support

So all day yesterday the magicjack software was rebooting itself. Like 4 times in Daniel's 15 minute break. It will put the person you are talking with on hold, then shut down the software and reboot it. The most annoying thing was last night it started asking us to verify our email and password. The password is one that was auto generated because even though they say you can sign into your account and reset, we have yet to find that option. So its a password of letter-number-letter-number etc. Like 10 digits of etc. Annoying!

This morning I started the computer and it happened again. Like multiple times very quickly.

So I talked with customer support.

Monica was CSR #1 of the day. We installed the upgrade software (the stuff I had just done on my own 30 min before, but that's cool) And she said she reset our account so it wouldn't keep asking for the email and password.


I rebooted the computer and let her go. It asked me for the email and password, but I thought it was because we reinstalled the software. I tried to make a phone call. I called my sister. 30 seconds into my message (she is in class) the software put her machine on hold (ironic) and rebooted.

Back to the customer service. This time I talked with Kenny. Oh my goodness, 45 min to 1 hour of going into hidden folders, moving to different usb ports, etc. And now, the magicjack software wouldn't even start! Frustration.

Finally he said he was doing some stuff on his end and I needed to turn off the internet router/hub for 5 minutes and then try again. Ok the easiest way to do that is shut down the computer and turn off the power strip. Which I did.

I then changed a nasty nasty diaper (my second for the morning, and hopefully the last of the day) and put some dishes in the dishwasher. Maybe 10 minutes later I turn the power strip on and boot up the computer.

Normal looking start up screen. All teh junk about the drives hit escape to do stuff...blah blah. Then nothing. Blank screen. The screen of input 1 on the TV when nothing is on.

Odd I will reboot the computer again.

The same thing happened.

Jiggah wha??

Ok commence test the magicjack on the laptop.

Run grab laptop from upstairs, plug it in. Get magicjack to plug into it. Then it happened.


The screen started booting windows. Freaking wierd miracle, but miracle nonetheless.

I went ahead and installed the magicjack on the laptop so we can take it with us for christmas and fall break.

Then I plugged it back into the computer tower. Nothin.

I tried a port in the back. Nothin.

I tried every port on the thing (2 in the back, 4 in the front) Still nothing.



I put on the usb port extender (the thing they say to not use cause it can cause minimal interferance on the line. Miracle of miracles. The software loaded. And it didn't ask for the password. I called Rachel and left a second message including counting the time to see if it wuold shut down. Her machine ran out of space for messages. (heehee) (^_^)

So the phone is back in commission. And Daniel only left me like 6, 10 second messages. I really like that happy face. (^-^) (^-^) (^_^) Both are good. And since the baby has passed out I might even do a second post! In one day! Fancy fancy! Lots of these !!!!! (^-^)

Wednesday, October 1

Alice is masochistic

(I found this that was written by Daniel...and I am posting it. Cause, he never posts. But he has drafts. Strange.)

So my child likes to hurt herself. Especially when she is tired. Or teething. Or waking up and alone.

Case 1: Tuesday night. I put Alice to bed. An hour and a half later she wakes up with a lovely hand print on her forehead (from sleeping on it) and a huge scratch/gash on the side of her head.

Case 2: I was holding her on the couch Wednesday evening and her ear was bleeding. Yeah, thats not normal. She had scratched at her ear enough to bleed. I had thought I had seen scabs there before, but it could have been dirt, this was fresh. So yeah, totally not cool.

Case 3: She got herself bruised up real good. I think its from when she was so excited she leaned her head back and lost her balance and fell against the computer tower. From a sitting position. Or she backed into a chair while sitting up??? All I know is she has a mystery bruise on the top of her head.

Yeah it looks like we beat our child. With very very tiny objects. It could be bad. I mean, on Bones the dead lady was killed by a staple. Those are tiny.