Monday, March 21

Halfway there

The semester is halfway over! And that means the torture that is also known as Spring Semester is halfway complete. Thank goodness because the children declared mutiny and are slowly dragging me to mental death.

Alice is still having problems going to Sharing Time in primary.
Thomas has started finger painting with 'paint' he makes himself. Ick!

And March started with a Grapefruit Incident where I was reminded about Cyp3a4 inhibitors and got the lovely experience of antidepressant overdose. It was a nice week or so oh headaches before I thought that maybe it was because of grapefruit.

And Daniel finally called to get estimates for replacing the AC unit that crapped out last summer and found out they have to come measure every room INSIDE the house before they can sell us an AC unit. Which means I get to clean the entire house so strangers can come wander around it. Whoopdeedoo. I am not pleased about that since i know I will be the one cleaning it all, but there is no way I am living another summer without air conditioning. We spent more running fans to keep the temperatures tolerable than we did running a 30 year old AC unit.

But I am hoping this blog post guilts Daniel into at least helping me clean. Or maybe he can just learn that shoving them on the floor is not an appropriate reaction to clean laundry on top of a made bed. Or maybe i will just make him clean up the poop fingerpaint that Thomas left while I was digging through the mountain of laundry on the floor because he didn't fold any. Ognore me I am bitter and surrounded by obnoxious children and no longre happily medicated