Tuesday, August 31

Cat, cat CAT! And colored string.

I am hosting a yarn co-op for a cloth diaper forum I belong to. If you are a string Luhvrrr and want to buy some Cestari yarn. Check out my order form here {I am a link click me}.

And...Alice finally figured out this is not a cat. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have the doll partway assembled now, I just haven't take more pics yet.

She saw it and was Cat, Cat! Cat. CAT! CAT! (etc)
I finally let her have the doll because there are lots of pins and a needle in the rear and I knew a scuffle would have someone stabbed.
She lays it down in front of the TV then says...a baby? Awww, a baby. So the baby got bundled and shushed to sleep.

Our house is under an electrical curse

For real.

So the washer died and was replaced last week. The day we got the new washer the vacuum made a boom (ok it was a tiny boom since it was a vacuum) and gave up the ghost. So we shell out $ for a new one. (We got it yesterday and I am in love so far.)

Then today, while Daniel is on the desktop computer there is a crackapow! and the desktop starts smoking and won't turn on again. Its probably the power supply. But it might have also fried the memory.

I am so sick of spending $ on broken crap. I am trying to sew up a trade for an older desktop computer though. Thank goodness I have mad skillz.

I just sewed these for a trade and we are getting a crazy amount of crocheted play food in return. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And I found someone in search of froggy stuff, so I am going to be sewing her some more things similar to this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic We haven't worked out the details like quantity, but it makes me glad I thought I would sew the family matching pajamas last winter for Christmas. Even though I soon realized that sitting on a harder chair to sew killed my pregnant hips. So yeah, we already have plenty of the fabric!

Saturday, August 21

It's official!

The washer is dead.

It started making death noises in January. It now no longer spins out. Which explains why it seemed like sometimes we had to wash clothes several times to get them clean.

Daniel went to the store to buy disposable diapers. I hope we get the right sizes. And this means that the central AC will probably not be fixed this year. We are planning on getting a new set...and with the energy and water efficiency, it will pay for itself in a few years. But its still a big investment up front. Money sucks.

Let's hope Sunday is better. And I am sure FHE at the laundromat will be loads of fun. We have a non-spun out (and therefore not clean) load of diapers in there. Yuck. Cloth diapers are only ok when you dont' have to mess with the dirty ones.

Tuesday, August 17

Morning Activities!

We got up early this morning. Sort of. I needed the car, and Daniel went into work late.

Then we went visiting teaching. I noticed that the tire looked squatty. When we came out less than an hour later it looked worse. We immediately drove to the nearest gas station repair shop.

For $17 I got the screw removed and the tire patched. And for $2.66 I bought snacks to stop the kids from creaming. It took less than 20 minutes.

Then we came home and Alice ate watermelon...then stripped and pooped on the floor. I stuck her on the toilet then cleaned. Then I cleaned the rest of the living room and vacuumed. The vacuum sounded funny, so I emptied it and cleaned the completely white filters. They turned black once all the strange powdery stuff was washed off. ANd it stopped smelling like air freshener too. A major perk for those of sensitive nose...like me.

Then Alice turned a roll of TP into stair streamers...and sent it for a trip. Hooray.

She is dressed and the living room is mostly clean and Thomas is in need of a de-pooing of the diaper. Oh and I bought Daniel's textbook for school. And I found out if you buy videos from Amazon they now put them in a video on demand section in your account. Nifty! I did part of a yoga video I bought. Holy cow am I out of shape. My legs were tired in the first 4 minutes from the squats.

OK Alice is being mean to Thomas and he is really wanting changed, so toodles!

Wednesday, August 11

Dear Kansas

I know its August, but can we get out of a heat advisory already? When there was one posted Sunday to last until Wednesday at 9pm, I chuckled. When they announced Tuesday night that it was being extended until Friday I was not so jovial.

I look forward to balmy 70s at night!

Sunday, August 8

Limited Phone

Our computer monitor went the way of all the earth this morning. Daniel tried to turn it on, and there was a light and then darkness. That is the computer I bought ages ago. About 8 years ago. And there has been someone as a student almost every semester since then.

Anyway, we are working on getting another monitor. And hoping for one of the free variety. Also, the battery on the laptop has drastically decreased its time it keeps a charge. So instead of a couple of hours of charge time, we get a little over half an hour. Sarcastic hooray.

Daniel starts classes next week. We should have things figured out by then.

Tuesday, August 3

Thomas crawled!

Well, first he stood up so he could try and get the toy above his bouncy chair. Then he crawled toward some toys on the floor. Daniel saw it first! (I was in the kitchen looking at the blueberry stuff.)

So yeah, 2 posts in one day! Our life is interesting in spurts.

Preserving Food!

Well, today isn't Saturday. Though it sure felt that way. Its a Tuesday.

Daniel took the day off of work and we got up early and went to the berry patch to pick blueberries. We picked a little more than 2.5lbs ourselves. But, I had wanted to try making blueberry butter (think apple butter but from blueberries) and that needed about 3lbs for a batch. So I bought a bag of the "We Pick" berries.

Yes, we bought $27 worth of blue fruit. And once I forced Alice to taste one, she didn't put any more in the bucket.

I currently have a 5 qt crockpot and a 6 cup crock pot filled with the makings of blueberry butter on the counter. I misinterpreted the directions and thought I should double the batch so it would fill the crockpot more. Um, it filled it all right. But there was no room left for the millions of cups of sugar. So I scooped some into the mini crock pot and called it good.

I also learned that 4oz jelly jars are 1/2c in volume. (Thanks Google!) So we will have a dozen of the 8oz jars and 2 dozen of the 4oz jars. Yes, slightly overboard. Guess I shouldn't have doubled the recipe.

And I bought a Blue Book from Ball, so I am thinking of all sorts of yummy things I will can! I took some pics...but I haven't taken them off the camera's memory card yet. I can't wait until the blue yumminess is done!