Wednesday, April 29

Tags Renewed

Oh man, let me tell you, the weather is matching my mood today. First the drunken idiots next door then the rude woman at the treasurers office. UGH! I have had it up to here.

The worst part? I didn't get her name so I could complaint by name about her.

1. There is (effective a couple of weeks ago) a $2 "convenience fee" for transactions at the satellite offices. Had i not already been in line with a 16 month old for over 20 minutes, I would have driven downtown or paid the 3% fee online (it would only be a couple of dollars more).
2. The rude witch of a lady tells me my proof of insurance wasn't good enough because it was a payment reciept from the insurance. RAWR!!! Here is the requirements from the website:

You will need to exhibit proof of insurance to the treasurer. The proof of insurance must have: the name of the insurance company, the policy number, name of the vehicle owner, the effective and expiration date of the coverage, the year, make and VIN for the vehicle being renewed. You will need proof of insurance for each vehicle. If a trailer does not have its own coverage, the trailer will use the insurance of the vehicle that will be towing the trailer. State law K.S.A 40-3107 requires proof of insurance as a prerequisite to motor vehicle registration

It says NOWHERE that it can't be a reciept pf payment. It had the VIN, policy number, dates of policy, etc. Don't treat me like crap because you hate your job.

3. The 'convenience' of going to DIllons to pay my tags was also counteracted by the lack of chairs. I was standing holding a kid screaming "no, no, no, NO, NO!" For over 30 minutes while the lady putted around.
4. The other lady was twice as fast, and i heard her being friendly to people.
5. She tried to keep my receipt.
6. What the hell is this fee they are charging? I didn't get a new tag, so why am I paying for new pictures on the tags? I still have the old design I have had for a few years. I had to spend like $15 for the tag itself anyway.
7. I swear my tags cost more this year than last, but my car is only worth $1300 according to them. Those bastards.

All in all, stay away from the Dillon's sattelite office if you have to renew your tags. The blonde/light brown haired lady was nice, the black haired lady that looks frazzled will bite your face off.

Drunken Spree

The neighbors had a drunken party/yell fest last night. You know before it rained (again).

Daniel never heard it. Alice did. I did. If the phone wasn't such a hassle I would have called the cops. Man was I wishing we had actually gotten a cell phone as discussed last night.

This morning I walk Alice out to the car at 6:30am. We were taking Daniel to work so we can go visiting teaching. My little fence around the flower beds was ripped up, bent/destroyed and several of the planted obliverated.

I am fighting the urge to leave the fencing behind her car with a passive aggressive note. I sort of don't care if her guests get so platered they can't walk, but I spend time and money on that flower bed. The naturally avoided all the weeds and took out a purple coneflower plant, and something else (can't remember what it is, or if I know the name, but I know its not a weed).

I can't stop thinking about it. I sort of want to knock on their door and wake them up to face the music, but I sort of want to make Daniel do it. Only he won't be as pissed as me. And he is at work. I think the fence in thier driveway is a good comprimise. Anyone else?

Tuesday, April 28

The Sun Shines! (finally)

After this weekend, seeing the sun is nice. Its been rain, hail, tornado, rain, rain, more rain. I know its good for the garden, but still sometimes I don't want to be inside all the time. Between Sunday morning and Monday afternoon, we got over 4 inches. Yes, our little frog that measures the rain was totally full to the brim. Its funny because Saturday I checked and we had around an inch. It was odd because the TV people said the Lawrence area got over two inches. Then again some of the moisture was hail and it probably didn't make it to the frog.

In other news, the outside plants are thriving. The tomato plants look well after their first week in the garden. I also found out I had planted peas in some places where i planted tomatoes. Oops. You see, I marked the squares that I planted in, but I didn't remember that some of the squares i marked were behind the markers. Oh well, the peas can climb the tomatoes and all will be well.

Saturday we went to Hobby Lobby and bought some lovely iron pieces for the garden (they were on sale 50% off). I strung up a small, very small clothes line between two shepherd hooks, and I have a bit of a climbing wall in amongst a square of peas. I bet it will be fabulous once they grow up tall.

We went to garage sales on Saturday as well. We found Alice some kid sized furniture. A rocking chair that badly needs sanded and refinished, not to mention some glue between the joints. Also, a little step stool that we gave her to climb into bed with.

And lastly we got ourselves a find, a new bed frame. We had one that we weren't using because the middle support didn't have wheels and the rest had wheels. Meaning if the bed got pushed, the middle support would fall down and stab holes into the box spring. After one incident like that while 9 months pregnant, we chose the bed on the floor route. Might I say, it feels fancy to have a bed on a frame. Yes, that is how ghetto we be. We now have our bed on a frame. Daniel implied we might have to get a headboard and proper bedroom furniture now.

Now if only the mud that is our backyard would dry up so we can go play back there. Or rather, so I will let Alice play out there. The girl lives for dirt and picking in it. Did you know that gardening (or rather dirt) releases serotonin when you mess with it. Yes, the stuff that makes people feel good. I don't think its the same with mud.

Wednesday, April 22

In honor of

Tomatoes and The weather!

Its gonna be 80 today. So I decided to suck it up and plant my tomato plants. I know the last frost date is after next week, but i have been leaving them outside in post all day for the last few days. Its time for them to enjoy the new garden. Besides, having grown plants looks nice.

The only downside, I have too many tomato plants AND I don't know what each plant is. You see I have three types I started from seed: cherry (or maybe grape) tomatoes, an orange medium sized tomato, and the giant beefsteak ones.

Now I started out with a LOT of plants, but Alice helped make sure several died. When I moved into the 4" pots, there were a few that didn't make it. Then a few got a disease and I killed them.

So now I have to put up a few more bamboo poles, and start weaving some plant netting, then tadah! A masterpiece.

In a side note, I don't really feel like digging anymore on the drainpipe from the front of the house. Its sort of hot, but more importantly Alice likes to play in dirt way too much to not have direct supervision. Can you imagine this time next year? We will have grass in the back yard and a walkway/path complete. Sigh. Love it. Now back to sewing myself a screen for the French doors.

Monday, April 20

TV Turnoff Week!

So this week is TV turnoff week. Are you participating?

I think we might. Just because sometimes our evenings are filled with the TV on. Even if no one is really watching it.

Besides, we can always *cheat* and watch some more movies for our other blog. I mean at least I remember movies better than TV shows.

If you want to join me in giving up TV, here is what you will miss:

House - he will have drama thanks to his drug addiction and crappy attitude. The mystery illness will be solved. Someone will kiss someone else. (I am getting sort of sick of the show since they started developing 13 as the slut of the show and killed off the only guy as smart as house. Sorry, you solve too many of the cases, you gotta go kill yourself.

Bones - a body will be found. Random plant spores or chemicals or missing digits will help them solve the case.

America's Next Top Model - the people I dislike will get to stay. I mean, sometimes its like 'really?'

Oh gosh, might i admit I can't think of other shows? But lets face it. The thing with TV shows is that every week is the same. Oh sure, there might be some ongoing plot, but if you miss a week its not gonna kill you.

I don't think I would watch The Washing Machine instead of watching one of these shows, but I would watch The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Of course, Daniel just called and we might even turn off the computers.

Wow. And hey, its gonna be 80 on Wednesday. Sweet! Of course, I am behind on my garden planting guide according to a planting schedule I found for the Kansas city area, so its time to plant some radishes and turnips! Once its a bit warmer outside.

Thursday, April 16

Garden post, cause its gonna rain all weekend

Wow, its Thursday. Alice continued on the "who needs sleep" mantra yesterday. She was cranky, and whiny and an all around butt. Things were slightly improved when some bulbs i ordered in the mail showed up. I wasn't quite sure what was in the 80+80 free package, but the site implied they were ok spring sown, so I bought them. Of course, some research shows that they probably won't bloom this year, and from what I read, some of them might not even make it until next year. So much for the so called "hardy zones 4-11" label. I suppose the plants do have a guarantee though, so if they don't grow it won't be a real loss.

So I went to the front garden patch and moved some day lilies to the middle of the bed, so I could plant the bulbs/tubers on the edges.

I guess time will tell.

The neighbor girls also went to the grocery store and bought some flowers to plant (for color as I have been told). I helped them plant around 30 pansies and violas with one 4 pack of marigolds. I don't really understand their flower combination choice, but they are 10 so I suppose that explains everything.

Earlier Alice woke up and was wailing and screaming in bed, but didn't come get me when I was starting laundry. She was looking for me under a down comforter. Heehee. I fooled her.

Oh, and I had a revelation. The reason why the tulips are doing really well this year is thanks to the failed tomato plants. Though I have no clue why that would matter. They haven't bloomed yet, but I swear we have pink tulips coming round.

Now, off to plant peas and lettuce.

Wednesday, April 15

Making things happen while cranky

Alice did not want to sleep last night. Sometime after midnight (can't really remember exactly) she finally passed out. I had already sent Daniel to the spare room to sleep, and lucky me, tired as I was, I got a second wind and stayed up until about 2. I know, its my fault really.

She woke me up around 8am by sticking fingers in my nose and eyes, and Mr. Tumnus in my mouth.

So after seeing if she would go to sleep again if I ignored her, Daniel called and I decided whatever I will just get up.

Now here it is, not even 10am and she is almost passed out again. Grr. So rude.

I just got a phone call from USbank. There is lots of background to why we got this, but here is the basic deal. We had two ATM withdrawals on one day (it was a Monday). After asking Daniel, he had no clue what the charge was for, and we assumed the one time was charged to our account. We filed a whatever, to deny it, and they sent out mail immediately saying, so sorry you are denied. So Daniel called back to request thier proof {per the letter of denial}

While on the phone, they offered some credit line to make us feel better. Daniel said why not (because he has decided we should have larger credit limits for increasing our FICO scores). They guy that took the application entered my social security number in wrong. The lady on the phone wanted me to fax in a copy of my social security card. I refused and told her to forget the whole thing. The bank does have my social security number on file. The guy at the customer service number just entered the 9's as sixes.

My refusal, and the ability to give my real social, she said she owuld make a note and go with what was on my bank account.

I had to sort of half snicker. At least my mouth can smile while my eyes are barely open. I have mad typing skillz you know. It makes it easy to write in my half sleep.

Tuesday, April 14

Roof Repairs

Saturday was not rainy. That meant we did some roof action.

Good things:
1. roof repaired
2. no one got hurt
3. everything was cleaned up before the rain hit Sunday

Learning Moments:
1. Our roof was not installed correctly (go figure)
2. if you see water damage inside, you might find out that the wood under the shingles is rotted
3. leaving the car seat outside in the rain makes it wet.
4. basic understanding of roof anatomy and repairs.

Overall Daniel says the roof is ugly. This is because its hard to replace shingles that end up underneath other shingles. If we had the materials, or the perseverance, he would have bought a couple of additional shingles for the peak (different from regular) and madethe job faster and better looking.

Supposedly this is the biggest patch of hail damage, so as long as we don't get large amounts of hail soon, we should be fine for a couple of years.

Oh, and next time Daniel will take a couple of days off work, and just remove a whole section bottom to top and replace the strip. That's probably how we will end up reroofing our house when the time comes.

So yeah! One more home repair skill! Go us. (disclaimer: I was not involved in any of the roof repairs or work. I don't do heights.)

Friday, April 10


I've got two of there on my mantel and a loaf of bread baking in the bread machine.

Last night's rain storm was pretty intense. We got 1.15 inches in town, and our house did NOT flood. Yay!!! Of course two houses up the street did. Daniel said we might knock on the door and tell them that we did a French Drain in our yard and make friends. They also still have standing water between then and the neighbor farther up the street. Talk about absurd.

Tomorrow is roofing day! (Daniel will be trying to find the shingle problem and doing some replacing of shingles so we don't have more water damage. The best part is that the place with the most water damage is where we don't have attic space, so its hard to figure out what needs fixed. Good times.

Oh, and speaking of flowers. The rest of the tulips (I didn't remember this) are red and yellow. They might bloom by Sunday (they are almost blooming.). Pretty :-)

Thursday, April 9


Well, it really is a good benefit that the government provides, but... I think I might be at work all night. :-(

Daniel Cook

This is a post about butts and girly parts

Here's the jist of this post. Alice got sick. Alice got blessing. Alice is asleep and (according to blessing) better. More details follow.

Yesterday there was a knock at the door. Daniel opened it and two neighbor girls were there. They asked if Alice was available to play. Alice meanwhile went immediately toward the door to play with her friends. They are only like 9 years apart in age.

Somehow they ended up hanging out at our house, and I was sort of annoyed about it. I mean really, its one thing to come over, its another to play with some digital pet on the laptop and do who knows what in our kitchen, then play with the baby's toys while I am trying to watch America's Next Top Model (ok it was last week's episode, but I hadn't seen it yet). I also want to note that the annoying girl (cause it was really just one of them that wore out her welcome) had pants that were falling off of her and no underwear. Yeah awkward.

I sort of wanted to throw her out for not wearing underwear, but her family seems sort of white trash poor so maybe they can't afford it. I mean, she has her own cell phone at 10, but apparently that's the norm. Anyway, so Alice was poopy (again, and honestly it was liquid, poor kid) and it smelled horrid so I hoped we would chase annoying girl away. Alice alsmo managed to come up with a bright red case of diaper rash/irritation on her girly parts. It wasn't until the girl that wasn't annoying said she was leaving because the pizza she cooked for dinner was done that annoying girl left as well. Kids and pizza.

Anyway, we headed to bed before 9. Alice was sort of cranky, and at the last changing her girly parts were bright red and inflamed, so we buttered her and thought all was well.

All was not well. It hurt her to lie down or sit, so nursing was out (I actually got bit). In fact all she could do was cry and stand legs apart. Poor baby. So we called the doctor's office.

No one was on call. (Wow, had Alice not been distracted by the Owl Song and me preoccupied by her, I might have yelled Not on call, what the heck. What about babies being born? This pediatric office is the one that is on call for that. I guess no one will check the babies. End rant.)

We called the insurance's nurseline because it was taking to long to transfer the call to the KC Children's hospital's Triage.

By 10 pm Alice and I were sitting in a lukewarm bath and Daniel was off to the store to buy pedialyte and olive oil (I had forgotten we were out). Alice got a little air time after the bath, and peed on our bed. I was so not surprised by this, but it was recommended, so it happened. She of course peed on the area not covered by a towel. All the way at the end, where a head would go.

Come 11, she was diapered again and ok with nursing while lying on my belly, and I was cool with that because I could be lying down and sleep. I had been tired at like 8pm, so I was so ready to pass out at this point that I didn't want to switch places with Daniel in bed. Alice was almost asleep and I was exhausted. Sweet sweet sleep.

At 4am, Alice wakes SCREAMING and standing up. I got a diaper, and changed her, but of course it was a repeat of earlier. She didn't want to nurse because it hurt to lie down. So I woke Daniel to give her a blessing, and hooray for the priesthood.

As a side note, I think a good part of the screaming was because the acidity of the urine was hurting her already red and sore girly parts. Poor girly parts. It even hurt to be covered with diaper rash cream.

She is asleep (and has been since before 5am). I couldn't fall back asleep because I have too much adrenaline. So I answered some quizes on facebook and wrote this excessively long blog post.

Wednesday, April 8

I heard that...

Being a stay at home mom is harder than having a career with a 6 figure salary.

Amen sister.

Now where is my housekeeper?

(yeah I watch Oprah, what of it?)

House things, and stuff.

I just bought a pretty blue enamel covered cast iron dutch oven. It is totally a splurge. But its pretty. You see, I found out that Pyrex baking dishes are 1.99 at World Kitchen (an online store based in PA) and I wanted some. If you are a new customer you get a 20% discount. Thats fine and well, but whats the fun in saving a dollar when you can save $13. So I got myself one of these bad boys. The discount meant I paid like 20 cents for shipping. I am ok with that.

My kitchen will be colored! Now I have a pink hello kitty toaster, pink orange green and yellow sun catcher resin squares on the french doors and now a blue dutch oven and amythest bakeware. I already have some clear glass bakeware, but yay for colors.

We also acquired some new to us, and for the fabulous price of 'from the curb' furniture last night. We got a shag maroon rug that actually is the right color to go in our living room, and a giant desk with a three shelf hutch and built in lamp and drawers. Sigh. The desk I have had forever had no drawers and was the main downfall of it. That and it was super deep. The neighbor's desk was wider, but half as deep. I just have to get everything off the bed in there and put things away. so It looks less disastrous.

Now we just need to find someone that knows roofing to help Daniel repair the roof before we end up with rotting and mold everywhere (not that we haven't experienced that before, just not in roof form). So if there is anyone in the vicinity that can be bribed to climb onto my roof and replace some shingles, let me know.

Tuesday, April 7

Sickness spreads at School amongst the seeds

Yesterday was cold and windy. We didn't even get snow. :-( If its gonna be cold, I would prefer the weather to go all out and get snowy.

Alice and I seem to have caught something. Nothing terrible mind you, but enough of something that we are sort of cranky and yucky feeling. I assume its from the neighbor boy we hung out with on Friday (though originally I thought it was from the super spicy black bean soup we ate Saturday night).

Yesterday I cleaned the living room. To the point of moving the couch and vacuuming underneath it. I asked Daniel if he could tell and after him staring at the room for 20 seconds I knew the answer. Clearly if you have a toddler, you will not have a clean house. Even if its vacuumed and mopped, there will always be a fine layer of toys strewn about. Because all toddler toys come with 10 pieces that can be stacked, attached and put together, and therefore taken apart, and will end up all over the floor.

I just tried to enroll Daniel in a summer class. They told me he couldn't take it without taking a placement test or a prerequisite. Its sort of funny since he did transfer credit for this course over (its calc 1 by the way) I just thought it would be a good idea to have a refresher before taking calc 2. JCCC disagrees. I sort of want to see if they would allow him to take Calc 2. He does have the Calc 1 prereq.

Alice and I just planted some more peppers seeds (the last ones have still not popped thier heads out of the ground, so I am thinking they are future compost). This time I soaked the seeds first. I also, just 'cause, planted some seeds I harvested from a store bought bell pepper. I then marked all the seeds, in a very systematic way. Thats right, bamboo skewers and nail polish. The sweet pepper mix has really red tips, experimental peppers coral, snapdragons are innocent pink, and pansies are rum raisin. If only I thought of this method before confusing the tomato seedlings. Luckily the leaf shapes are different enough I can assume they are different tomato types. Its too bad i know there are three types and I can only tell 2 different leaf shapes.

Thats the news for the day / weekend / until we post again.

Oh, and I put pictures of the child on Facebook.

Thursday, April 2

Basic Rules Regarding Naps

Alice as the baby is allowed to nap whenever she chooses.

Rebecca can nap and or sleep only when Alice deems it acceptable.

Daniel can nap only when Rebecca deems it is possible... and such napping should be limited to 30 minutes on work nights unless he actually falls asleep without asking permission.

What was the point of this post? I'm not sure. I guess I'm just pointing out that I should be asleep but was unable to do so...