Friday, November 12

Oops, catch up again

Everyone is sick! With varying degrees of illness. Nothing completely debilitating, but lots of fatigue, runny noses, etc. Daniel went in to work for a few yours yesterday and came back home. He has today apprived off, but he might go in for a little bot. He hasn't specified.

Thomas is starting to climb everything. He lept off the arm of the couch yesterday, unfortunately he can't fly. Head injuries bleed a lot. When We got him up we were sure if it was a bloody nose and smeared up, or a scraped eyebrow and smeared down. He is currently sporting a pirate look.

Relief Society did a service project making scarves and hats for the homeless shelter. I took home a LOT of fleece from that. I ended up with almost 3 dozen scarves at the end. And there were over a dozen made the night we met together, plus several other people took partly finished ones home to complete. It makes me feel good that we made so many.

In conjunction with the scarf project, I finally bought new bobbins. I kept having issues with crazy thread jams. And surprise! I was using the shorter (semi)universal bobbin and needed the taller one. Sewing with the proper equipment makes sewing so much nicer! The last dozen scarves went SUPER fast and ZERO jam ups.

We also got Netflix about a week ago. Netflix on demand is crazy. It has made borrowing movies from the library obsolete for us. Speaking of the library, the bill passed in the last election. We knew it would happen even though we voted against it. Whoever gets that construction contract is gonna be sitting pretty. $18 million dollars to add another floor to the library, make it more energy efficient and build a parking garage. Yes it will only be an addition of 2mills on the property taxes, but the loan they are taking for this is more than 10 times the state mandated limit (hence the vote). But, yeah our town really likes to vote in additional taxes for new/better public services.