Thursday, April 22

Look! 2 posts in one week!

Amazing, right?

So Thomas was super cranky Monday. Like screaming until he lost his voice and was all hoarse and sad sounding. Naturally Alice fed off that energy and was a bit of a terror.

Tuesday night Thomas pooped. When that happened we realized maybe he had been constipated. Not sure from what since they aren't supposed to be able to get constipated while breastfed. Maybe it was from the sugar in baby tylenol.

Wednesday morning he had another giant poo. Then slept most of the day.

This morning, I go to chane his second wet diaper of the morning and find out its also poopy. I bet he sleeps well today.

Now to wash the blankets he was on before I knew he was poopy. *sigh*

Monday, April 19

Just another Manic Monday

Well, I guess its not so manic around here. And now I have the song stuck in my head. Figures.

I decided last night that I am super sick of 80% of our diapers. Yes. Go me. Initially I was like, I will sell all the ones with velcro, then buy more. Until I realized that the majority of our diapers come with velcro. Yeah, it would not be easy to get by on 8 diapers for Alice until I buy new ones. Then I considered paying someone to convert my diapers to snaps. (I have done a few, but I just don't have the child free time that I am willing to dedicate to seam ripping velcro and marking and adding snaps. I have done it on several diapers, and they are great and we love them. But yeah. Not so enthusiastic about spending my free time putting snaps on poo catchers.

Instead of that, I have been working on some embroidery work. For a baby quilt, well technically 2. I am doing 2 squares. One for the baby boy quilt, one for the baby girl quilt. The little green panda I free hand embroidered is looking awesome. And I only had to pick out a few stitches. (I meant to trace a picture onto the fabric, but I forgot to buy a transfer pen when I was at Hobby Lobby, so I choose to free hand it.)

We went to Target on Saturday. They had a bunch of decorative baskets marked down to half price. I bought 4 for the diaper shelves. It helped motivate me to actually put the diapers up on the shelf again. The shelf is about 5,000 times better than a giant rubbermaid bin in our room.

Today I should be cleaning. Alice, Thomas and I all got nasty colds last week. ALice seems all better. Thomas and I have stopped sneezing and coughing. I am still congested, but its less than it was. The house though, has suffered from lack of routine tidying. Not that I feel any major motivation to clean. Motivation is easier to have when you expect visitors. But I would like to vacuum some today. Just to get the tiny pieces of crushed stuff (crackers? Chips? cheese? clearly I have no clue) off the floor.

My eyes hurt. I think I will take a nap if Alice will let me. Thomas is asleep in the crib in her room. I wish to be asleep also.

Wednesday, April 14

Things I am good at!

I was inspired to do something positive. Because of someone awesome. You should check her out.

I am an awesome cook. Baking, cooking, etc. I can follow a recipe to a T, and modify it if I desire without making a total flop.

I love helping and serving others. And I think I am good at doing it in non-obvious ways.

My thumb is so green, there is a plant growing in it. I have successfully started many plants from seed, and if I had the space I could have a garden 4 times the size of mine with all these plants.

I can clean like a whirling dervish. Dervish in, mess out!

I can read those instruction sheets that come in assemble it yourself boxes like a pro. It comes from all those years reading labs for chem class.

And yeah, I would say more, but I have children that demand more attention from this awesome mom. I guess I am good at being the most relied on one in the house.

Tuesday, April 13

Things I don't understand

Sometimes when Alice comes up to Thomas and screams, he giggles. Other times he cries. Its hard to get her to understand that screaming isn't nice when he giggles.

Alice acts like she feels better than she did over the weekend, yet her nose is running like crazy and she wants to lie down all the time.

How getting up at 6am can ever be desired.

Why my house is messier with only Alice around than with bunches of Daniel's family in town. Looks like she is the vortex of destruction.