Saturday, December 25

Oh no mouse!

Merry Christmas! We have spent a quiet day at home. Except for Alice upchucking all over me and the couch. Ah yes good times. She went back to bed and took a 2 hour nap before noon. This certainly makes us glad we did not travel.

We opened all our presents this morning and so far Daniel has shown the most excitement about his. I think Castlevania for the Wii is a hit. Daniel says he was trying to enjoy his presents. :-)

We are at least attempting a bit of a holiday by having homecooked meals. We had french toast for breakfast (too bad we ran out of syrup), taco salad for lunch, and we bought a pork roast to cook in the crockpot for dinner.

As for the title of this blog post...

Last night we were sitting on the couch watching a movie when Alice yells "Oh no mouse!" I wasn't sure I heard her correctly, so I asked "mouse?" and she replied "Yes. Look." Then grabs at Thomas (who was on the floor in front of the couch.


Thomas had eaten a chocolate cookie and his face was coated. When you are barely 3, sometimes mouth is pronounced mouse.

Thursday, December 9

Always playing catch up!

Its December!

Daniel has a week left of school. Yay!

Alice goes potty in the toilet...sometimes.

Its getting cold, but still no snow.

Thomas is walking quickly now. Not quite at running, but he is getting there.

I am knitting. Currently in progress, a red and blue KU inspired hat. If only I could find a button in the shape of a jayhawk. Also in progress. A crown for ALice. Its greens and browns so its totally a Wood Faerie crown. I only have 2 inches of it, so we will see if I get sick of it before I get the 18" or so done.

The spiffy fridge we got in a trade is almost clean of mold. I bought a hand steam cleaner thing to help finish it up. I still need to call and harass some ladies who are having babies this month to see if they want/need help from the ward. Pregnant ladies are hard to get hold of. Especially when the computer won't attach to a calling back missed calls is hard to do. BUT! We got the replacement joiner thing, and its FIXED! Daniel doesn't know it already came because he is at work, and they had a team lunch so he spent his time cooking eggs on the griddle and talking instead of calling.

Oh and I have gotten ALice to expand her horizons in the world of food via a trick I read about. She gets her lunch in a mini muffin tin. Each hole gets something (a carrot stick, part of a sandwich, a slice of aple, etc). Today she ate everything except 2 pieces of cheese. That is a SHOCKER. The girl usually would choose cheese over most foods. I think peanut butter and honey was a much bigger hit than pb&blueberry butter or tuna sandwiches though. She actually ate ALL of the sandwich. I am glad about this because she has been begging less for treats (and eating less of them. Plus the fact that she is eating veggies without bribery is awesome! Carrot sticks or carrot coins are a hit. Celery isn't as popular, but she will eat it. And broccoli is always popular.

Daniel has a new-ish calling at church. He is the secretary of the Elder's Quorum. And he has officially been released from cub scouts. He pretty much rejoiced learning that.