Tuesday, September 29

How fat is my baby?

Today we had a hard core ultrasound. Fourty minutes long, and it started 40 minutes late. I got home from the doctor about 2 hours after getting into the office.

We have a long armed fat gutted child inside. Don't worry, his head and brain size are right on par. Almost puny in comparison.

He will be a monkey boy. A monkey boy with an 88th percentile waist and 70+ percentile arm length. Go him. I don't remember the leg lengths, but they weren't reading at 27-29 weeks like his arms and gut.

He is overall a good 3 ounces bigger than his fellow 26 week old feti. What a show off. I think I deserve pudding for that. Don't worry we have snack-paks.

Sunday, September 27

Comments make me feel validated

Yes, I am trolling for comments. Besides who wants to read the title "to do list of the week." Even though, the to-do list is SUPER exciting.

Weather report for Tuesday and Wednesday...highs in the uppers 70s, low Tues night 39!!!!, some clouds Wed, no rain. What does that mean??

1. Replace front window. That is a Daniel project. But, he wanted a heads up of 2 days in a row (preference on Tues and Wed) with good weather for window removal and replacement.

I might not say anything and let him read this on his lunch break Monday. (he fell asleep with Alice at 8:30)

2. Sew the velcro tabs onto the otherwise completely overhauled BumGenius diapers! I am pretty sure I will have to adjust the bobbin tension back since I can't remember if I did that after sewing the charity blankets at the Relief Society service project thingy.

Daniel was all excited that I had done 7 diaper covers because I sent them through the dryer to seal up any holes in the PUL already. No sorry, didn't have time to add velcro tabs yet.

3. Figure out where I want to store the eight million bottles of cleaners that we got last week. If we get H1N1, I have enough cleaners to disinfect the house top to bottom every day for months. If we don't we have a good 2 year supply.

4. Return the house to pre-weekend condition. Lets just say, the BumGenius overhaul along with me going away for 8 hours leaving Daniel and Alice alone to rampage = lots that needs done. Mild cleaning happened this evening because it was so horrible, but it was so much prettier Thursday.

5. Finish moving the crib to Alice's room. If that happens additional cleaning and furniture room swapping will occur. But none of that can happen easily until the crib is in place.

6. Buy another layer of blackout curtians/blinds/something for Alice's windows. Getting up at 6:30am, refusing to nap, and throwing tired tantrums all day has got to STOP.

7. Stop eating tomatoes and tomato sauce. I have had a few heartburn free days, then I had spaghetti. Man was it good.

Thursday, September 24


I had a dream last night that I was making a quilt. I wanted the pattern to be in long rectangles (I think its called coin slot pattern or something). Of course the only solution was to stretch one end of the quilt so I would get the long thin rectangles I wanted. Aren't dreams strange.

I have officially removed old laundry tabs AND removed the front velcro stuff from 8 of my 10 (current project) BumGenius diapers. I thought it was 9 last night, but one of them got mixed into the completed pile. After the 2nd one, I figured out I could seam rip some of it, then grab the inner layer and the outer layers and RIIIIP them apart. A much faster way to remove serging and topstitching. Just waiting for loop APlix to come in the mail already.

I have looked at snap presses, then looked at the price and moved on. Seriously, I wold have to start a business to make up for the cost of one of those bad boys. Even used ones are a good $100. I know there is another solution, but instead I have chosen to forget. That means its not important.

I still haven't made M&M chocolate chip cookies. I thought about it, but the dishes need done, and making cookies would start a whole new sink of dishes. Daniel has class tonight, so it still might happen. We still have most of the bag of M&Ms to go.

Visiting Teaching for the month. DONE!

LINK sign up sheet: filled! After calling a million people Monday, and taking a pile of stuff down there Thursday I will be free until December. I don't count Thanksgiving since we will be out of town (I will do a sign up, and hand it all off to someone else.)

I need to remember to go by Target and buy spaghetti sauce (the Market Fresh or whatever the store brand is called is on sale for 87 cents a jar). For that matter spaghetti-o's are on sale at Hyvee this week, as is the Betty Crocker pizza crust mix. I bet we buy a ton cause thats how we roll. At least a ton of the spaghetti-o's. They are the perfect back up lunch to keep in a desk at work. They are also good at home. I eat them from the can with no shame.

I have cleaned nothing (aside from necessary living room and dining room maintenance) since the weekend. It has been nice.

I am going to the service project/women's conference on Saturday and I can't decide if I should take a sewing machine. If I do, should I take spare needles and bobbins? Should I just take the machine and call it good? Should I take my dull scissors that work, or just the really nice ones that are easy to use?

Tuesday, September 22

T - 15 weeks and counting

Today is the official 25 week mark. What does that mean? Well according to the baby sites the baby is the size of an average rutabaga. (as a side note, rutabaga might be a good name)

After my appointment next week we will be going there every 2 weeks.

This is the end of the 'babymoon' period. I think that term is loosely thrown around, but I guess they mean most women aren't having morning sickness and aren't the size of a house yet.

I have started thinking about names, but haven't really found anything good. Its sort of funny when you think of reasons why a name won't do. Typically its "I knew someone with that name and they were mean/gross/cute/I had a crush on them." OK, so I haven't had any crushes on anyone named Raca, but I think naming a child worthless is automatically out. Rocco is in though. I think its because there is a rock thats a friend in Elmo's world named Rocco (Rocko?). They don't spell out names on that show.

Most of my shoes no longer fit me. I wore some shoes that are usually big on me and they were snug. It makes sense though, I do have sausage fingers. Good old bloating. Its part of the pregnant glow.

Monday, September 21

Swagbucks = sadness

I have been using swagbucks (its a search and win type site, but its powered by google so its not like its really unreliable). See the link if you want to sign up for giggles. Though, if you do, don't read the rest of this post.

Search & Win

Anyway, I was all excited to get season 5 of House when had enough points. You know, for a Christmas present for someone.

Only, I didn't realize it was for downloads only. So it will take all of my65 points to download one episode of the show. On my computer. And we don't have any portable media players.

I am suddenly disenchanted.

Sunday, September 20

5:30 am on a Sunday

Why am I awake? Its a combo of going to bed at 8pm and Daniel staying up until 4am writing a paper for school.

Completed lists!

My list:
1. Finished emptying and organizing cabinets
2. Rearranged pantry and moved some food to kitchen
7. Find a place to store water storage besides dining room floor (comp room)
10. Sell/store mini fridge (in garage, might sell, but its out of the house!)
11. Steam Clean carpet and couch again.
12. Repair quilt we are Using as a couch cover. Its hand stitched between panels and some of the stitching had come loose. (Done, but its gotten dirty AGAIN)
19. Freecycle our DVD shelf that we aren't using any more because its an Alice sized Ladder (they were supposed to pick up last night, but its in front of the house still)

On Daniel's list:
6. Install pull out plastic drawer system under bathroom sink (I did this with just a screwdriver and Alice's assistance Friday morning. Super easy)
7. Hang bathroom cupboard over toilet. (A little farther left than ideal, but it was the only way to install it on studs, and I wanted it secure, even if someone climbs it somehow)

The roof project didn't happen because the neighbor's ladder was unavailable for roof access. I think the neighbor down the street is using it since he got laid off and has days free now. Daniel did crawl up into the attic to make sure our leak was what we thought it was. We found out the insulation was moved by the people that installed the dryer vent before we bought the house in 2007. Yeah, there was a HUGE pile of the loose insulation over by the leak and nothing on the side near the dryer vent. I guess its good we found that out. You know, 2 years later.

I have also bought a pile more cloth diapers, some needing some repairs, that are the same as the ones i have already repaired of our own. I also bought some free for shipping newborn size diapers. All from DiaperSwapper.com That place is a little addictive. You find something, paypal pay someone, and then a little while later you have all these expensive cloth diapers for a fraction of the cost. Example: BumGenius 2.0s with repairs started (yeah no seam ripping for me!) and stuff to repair them 9 diapers and inserts for $51.50 including shipping. A steal I tell you. I spent $18/diaper when I bought from the manufacturer before Alice was born. They now have a 3.0 they sell instead, and we have some of those, but they are wearing out faster than the 2.0's did. I will be returning them for replacements before the year warranty is up in March.

So yeah. The weekend was a time of house purging, reorganization, and cleaning. It was a good one. Even though no one showed up for my food storage class. NO ONE. and the house was so clean too. sigh.

Tuesday, September 15

News from the homefront

1. A person got called to be a cub scout leader! Sure its for the Webelos, so we will likely still have bears and wolves, but at least someone got called! He is a grad student and has no kids of his own so he should be fine with 6 10 year old boys, right? I figure we plan to do things together at least once a week. Then we will have everyone work on belt loops together. I haven't told him though.

2. You know how I was excited that LINK was over until December? Well, I was wrong. We got asked for a sort of last minute assistance October 1st (yeah in 2 weeks!). Apparently one of the other churches has been having problems getting enough volunteers and running out of food, so they called us. It should be fun, I guess. I already plan on not going if possible. At least we won't have enrichment the same night.

3. Daniel's work changed their time off policy (AGAIN) so he can keep none of his accrued time off next year. He will be able to have one week off for parental leave though. He has 7 unaccounted for days we need to use in the next few months.

4. I made us a MAJOR to do list of 32 things. It has everything I want done before the kid gets here. It ranges from change light bulb in garage to replacing the windows. OK, so the light bulb is the exception to the rule. But still, that will be one easy check mark. I seperated the list by area. Exterior work, upstairs, and downstairs. I figure we plan the outdoor ones to be done first, and if the weather is rainy, we will do interior instead. The interior list is longer anyway. Some of the things I can do, but will be easier without a toddler's assistance. But at least we have it all out there now. All on the front of our fridge. Which needs cleaned by the way.

5. I am already getting Christmas gifts together. A wee bit early, I know, but this way I can order all the 'rewards' and more that take up to 8 weeks processing, and I will get them in plenty of time for the holidays. I got one in yesterdays mail. It was exciting.

6. We got a copy of Alice's birth certificate. We have proof that she is an infant for flight purposes, and she will be covered by our insurance next year. (They are having an audit.) Its only been 20 months, we aren't slackers right?

Anyway, I should get back to Yoga. Daniel called right when it started. He asked me to make the list, and I thought I should blog. Just so, you know it won't be just the annoyed Sunday post at the top. Lots of planing and cleaning to go too! Besides the list. Cause I didn't include current me only projects. Yeah, I am totally nuts.

Sunday, September 13

Before Church Rant

Church starts in 20 minutes. We will probably be late.

The rant is because I just got a phone call asking me to help out in the nursery today.

The nursery.


You would think these people think I like children!

Why do I never get called to substitute for any other primary class?

Just the heathen nursery. I swear I am the only one they ever call. I don't know why.

Are they incapable of asking a dad of a kid to help out? Do all the other moms flat our refuse? Am I just gullible?

You know being almost 6 months pregnant I should get some breaks.

I hate being pissed off when I go to church. Especially since I will probably sweat even more than the typical pregnant woman thanks to running like a furnace. Boo on you nursery.

Lets hope I don't end up getting hormonal and crying. Being pissed off is easier to hide.

Wednesday, September 9

Alice update post!

I haven't had a "mommy blog" post in a while, so here goes.

Alice is talking more. Thank goodness. We were afraid that she stopped saying words she had been in favor of dragging us to the desired object.

She now says yes.

Holy cow.


Seriously, we have heard no's of all volume and emphasis, but never anything in the affirmative for so long. The closest she would get would be delighted giggles or squeals.

And then it happened. She was dragging me into the kitchen for something to eat. I tried several options. Then I asked bagel? and pointed to the bag.

"Yeah!" giggle and squeal. To her a bagel with cream cheese is like a really fancy graham cracker with frosting. Lets just say, she would probably live on graham crackers and frosting if we let her.

Then tonight we were taking dinner to a family in our ward, and I realized there was a solitary chocolate chip cookie left over from scouts still in the car. I gave her a piece.

Then she wanted more. whine, whine, I am a toddler whine.

"Mom cookie."

She got the rest. What can I say, it was positive reinforcement. Of course, once it was gone she screamed until she passed out. Good times. Good times.

Tuesday, September 8

To do list (well sort of a work in project list)

1. Replace elastic in diapers. I don't know why Hancocks didn't have swimsuit elastic (or at least elastic labeled that way). I came home with some well priced elastic though, so I will just replace and call it good.

2. Cut out hooter hider. Yes I am making one. Its also called a nursing cover, but I like the name hooter hider. Call it my schlectness. (yes not a real word, but schlectness celebrates all things bad or at least taboo). Its sort of a trial run, but I think it will go well. Its all straight lines!

3. Finish priming the upstairs bathroom. I was up late last night (because sleep was not happening). I started it, but it was hot, and I probably didn't have enough ventilation, and I wasn't going to possibly wake Alice to steal her floor fan. It actually looks pretty good in the places where I primed. I admit surprise this morning. I really doubt any more will happen while I am alone with Alice though. I can just see her stepping in the primer and leaving footprints all over the carpet. and on me.

After that, we just need to mud coat, sand and prime again. It will look good, and we can put up the cupboard and towel racks that I have had for a while now (less than a year, most of summer and some spring). Yes, there is lots of motivation in our house. /end sarcasm

Saturday, September 5

My Sewing Skillz

I admit, my sewing skills are limited. In middle school we had 'technomics' class (which was really a less insulting way of saying Home Ec, though all the teachers were female, and very few males took the class). I took a couple of sewing modules, but they were fancy things like machine embroidery. It was pretty fancy for the early 90s at least. Most of my other things were with kitchen chemistry and cooking, which by the way I can do. Even without a recipe. If I see a recipe, or have a meal and get a basic idea of how its made, I can duplicate it.

But, back to sewing. Well, I can do hand sewing, and hand embroidery though I haven't done much of either since then, just small repairs like sewing a button back on.

Last week I started some sewing projects. You know, besides my "I can sew a straight line {mostly}" baby shower presents.

Project #1. Make maternity jeans out of an old pair of jeans and a stretchy T-shirt.
Trial #1. Using really old jeans that I never wear because they are the high waisted jeans of yesteryear.

Data and Conclusions:
1 seam ripper lost its life in this project. Ripping belt loops off of jeans is not the job of a small sewing kit seam ripper. Lets just say, I literally got the metal head part out of the plastic body. It was a surprise to say the least.
Old school high waisted jeans are not a good choice to turn into maternity jeans. They end up feeling really high, and they are just too tall to put a giant gut in. Lets just say jean material cutting into an area where I am aleady getting abuse from the inside. I wear the jeans when I am doing laundry or around the house. They will need a big strip of elastic sewn in before they are even close to comfortable.
Stretchy shirts must have a high lycra count, or you will, again, need the elastic sewn in. Note: I need to buy some 3 inch elastic for waistbands. Especially for the second pair of jeans that I have not finished yet, but are newer, they just had a broken zipper and zipper replacement is major UGH.

Project #2. Repair Alice's BumGenius diapers with (FREE!) repair kits from the manufacturer.
Trial 1: Major success!

Data and conclusions:
I did all the seam ripping first. I again, killed my (brand new, used only to finish the jeans and to start this project) seam ripper. I blame it on the cheapo WalMart brand seam ripper I bought. It was surprisingly large, but I figured that didn't matter. Aparrantly, I am really good at breaking seam rippers. Mad skillz!
I sewed on the velcro tabs. The top tension needs to be at 3 (on my machine) for the hook and loop tabs.
I sewed on the inner loop squares that the tabs attach to when they are washed. Tension needs to be really low, like below 2. The cheapo and for that matter really old walmart thread that I was using, kept breaking on this low setting. I had to switch to better thread, but that also meant I switched to colored thread. Its ok though, everyone needs a little shock of bright orange on the inside of thier velcro to keep things alive.

Trial 1 of diaper repairs: Complete!
I started a second and messed up, but to prevent stopping for seam ripping, I started the third. Then I ran over my finger with the sewing machine.

Not the needle. Just the big screw thingy that helps hold the pressure foot on. Took a bit of skin off. Had to get the first aid kit out. Stopped to blog. Figure I might as well get out the seam ripper to undo my mistake on diaper #2.

Need to do:
Buy 3" (or close to that thick) elastic for the jeans.
Buy swimsuit elastic (the diapers also could use some elastic repair around the legs and on the waistband).
Buy high quality white thread. Its amazing the assortment of colored threads I have, and I don't have any decent white or black thread. Its probably because I don't sew things with those colors really. I like matching thread, or at least colored thread.

So yeah my sewing skillz are so mad they lead to bleeding and lots of seam ripper action. It doesn't stop me from trying though. At some point I might even learn how to do decorative stitches (you know besides top stitching). And when I have more complete use of my right hand, I will maybe even take pictures. That and after I take some tums. Cookies for breakfasat are almost always a bad idea.

Thursday, September 3

A Day of Cooking!

Holy Cow my kitchen (and dishwasher consequently) have been busy lately. Everything for LINK is taken care of. In fact, I don't have to even think about LINK until December! (Well, maybe November, but we don't serve again until December). Thank goodness. I have lots of other stuff to do.

I cooked my 'high protein' casserole this morning. It was a rotini casserole with buttloads {technical term!} of hamburger and additional Hamburger TVP added. I ate some. It was good, but much better with cheese. I sent it with cheese layered in the middle and on top. You can never go wrong with lots of cheese.

I have also diced 5 lbs of potatoes, an onion, celery, and baby carrots. Those are in the crockpot becoming potato soup

Last, but not least, I have the little 6 cup slow cooker (imitation crockpot) heating up stuff that will hopefully become some yummy tasting PB fondue. I will know more at a later date. You know, when it actually melts.

I am also going to try making a roasted tomato vinegrette dressing. If it turns out good, I will have a great solution for some of the millions of cherry tomatoes that are still coming off that poor blighted plant. How a plant can look so bad and still produce so much food is an emigma to me.

In a non cooking note, I have hewn some flowers for the centerpieces, and half of them are dropping petals like crazy. I hope we have enough. My phone totally died, so I can't contact anyone about back up flowers. Sad sad times.

Wednesday, September 2

Done list!

~Put cookies away from yesterday. (Yes, thats 3 dozen 'flops' and 2 dozen {for next week} cub scout cookies.)

~Moved the food storage under the side table in the dining room.

~ Vacuumed the dining room! Its been way too long.

~ Vacuumed the living room. Just ignore the 96 crayons and the mister potato head that are all over now. They weren't there 5 minutes ago.

~ Changed a poopy diaper. Ok, that wasn't exactly on the list, but whatever.

~ Started a cub scout worksheets notebook. The worksheets make it easier for me to get requirements done. Plus, if we still have the calling next year all the planning will be taken care of!

~ Got inspired for the food storage class on the 19th!

~ just realized the laptop is dead. OOps!