Monday, October 26

Smelling something Sour

All parties in the house are officially better. Alice has some mild nose runny-ness, but that's mostly when she throws a fit and cries a lot.

Unfortunately since I didn't get clogged sinuses, I smelled something strange in the house Saturday afternoon. It was sour smelling. So we did some cleaning of obvious things move trash can to other side of garage, wash dishes, change trash can, wash diapers. Still there.

Sunday morning it was worse. I started cleaning more, including steam cleaning the carpet in the living room. Daniel had to dump the dirty water about 6 times. I was doing a deep cleaning. I even did most of the stairs with a hand attachment in case it was something random or diaper bin related. It smelled better, but we had the windows open, so it wasn't really smelling better.

After church, Daniel said he thought it smelled good when we got home. I thought it smelled like sour chocolate. I was tired and opted to just have windows open and light some candles since we were having home teachers come over.

They came and went. We went to bed pretty much right after that. Alice fell asleep pretty fast. As did Daniel. I haven't really been sick, so pre-7pm bedtime was just too early for me, so I stayed up a bit. Its good too because the phone rang at 8:30pm. It was the elder's quorum something or other (in the presidency) seeing if Daniel had made Home Teaching appointments for the month yet.

{Side note: They have had a really hard time getting home teaching reported, whether or not its getting done. January they had 3% completion, August it was 20%, and September 40%. They think most of the low numbers are because people are forgetting to report. I doubt that since we haven't been taught since moving into the ward in January until last night. But, hey if it gets people to do their home teaching, great!}

After that, I got up to finish cleaning behind the couch (its all gross construction shrapnel of dust, screws, and tiny bits of old aluminum windows. Its much easier to clean things like that when Alice is in bed. I asked Daniel if he was tired. He wasn't going to go back to sleep immediately, so he was drafted for muscle power. You see, I also figured I would rearrange the living room, so that we have easier access to the new windows on the inside for trim. Yep, everything on this side, will turn around and go to the opposite side. Good times. I annoyed Daniel by making him move so much stuff. But hey, after cleaning the carpet under the couch, the house no longer smells sour.

Friday, October 23

Happy Friday!

We went to bed and actually slept at 7pm last night. Well, it was a little before 7, but then Alice was making the noise of one who needs nose irrigation, so we did that. Um yeah, nose irrigation is so much easier on a younger baby, but at least she didn't sound like she was drowning afterwords.

Around midnight I woke up and felt like either my throat was super sore or I had heartburn. Its hard to tell which it was since my stomach is a little more than a hand span from my neck. I took some Tums and started prepping the craft for the Halloween carnival.

We are making spiders/creepy bugs.

I prepped 30 kits, except for the eyes. I only stabbed myself twice with the awl. I also have 12-15 extra egg carton cups that I am sending in case there are a lot of kids that show up. They will need more parent help, but at least its not like they won't get to make a spider.

My sample spiders are fun. The first I made before I spray painted anything. I did stab some holes in the top though, so he can hang from a web. The second one isn't hanging, but its painted red and has pink googly eyes.

Googly eyes can save all.

I am pretty sure we are not going at this point. You know since its 3am and I am awake. Sure I will be shoving a toddler over so I can sleep in my bed, but there is no guarantee I will get much more sleep. I wonder if she is no longer contagious after her fever breaks even if her nose is a snot faucet. Since its just a cold, I am thinking even with the runny nose she is not contagious. If what I read is correct, after the 3rd day of symptoms you are no longer contagious. Well, its been almost a week since we were around cold symptoms, and Alice had a fever Sunday night, so I think we are safe assuming she isn't contagious at this point.

Though the snot streaks on me beg to differ.

Wednesday, October 21

Do we have H1N1?

Official answer is no, but I am starting to think that Alice might.

Fever over 100 for 2 days (101 actually, but supposedly after 3 days you assume its viral).
Dry hacking cough, worse when trying to lie down, so sleeping is a bit of a struggle.
Nose running. Constantly.
Refusing most food, except cookies.

Ironically, I am the healthiest of the bunch in our house. I coated my chest with Mentholatum before bed last night because when I tried laying down I started coughing. The medications I can take are rather limited though. I haven't had any of the other symptoms though. And the coughing didn't keep me up all night or anything. In fact I haven't coughed since. Unlike Alice. And Daniel.

Looks like today will be filled with watching movies and eating cookies. Maybe I can convince her to try some soup.

Sunday, October 18

Weekend Follies

1. We left before Sunrise to drive to the temple in Omaha.
2. We watched a rambunctious child as a 'swap' while another couple were in the temple first.
3. At least 80% of the things the kid said involved "I'm gonna get her." while trying to pounce on Alice.
4. We learned the beauty of a monkey vest, even if it felt like we were walking a dog 90% of the time. A dog that yelled "I'm gonna get her!"
5. We got into our session right before it started, thanks to some great advice from a temple worker to change in the waiting area like the temple workers. The people we were watching the kid for showed up right AFTER 2pm. (our session started at 2). Apparently both sessions had a waiting list.

6. I took my blood glucose test (NASTY).
7. I walked home from the hospital after drinking the gross stuff because no one answered the phone and I didn't want to stay there for 3 more hours.
8. I drank 40ish ounces of water after the second blood draw because it was really hard for them to get blood out of the vein.
9. We went to church, from the hospital.
10. Alice was a demon child during church.

11. Daniel didn't feel good and I was still woozy from all the blood draws. We went hone after sacrament meeting.
12. Naps and couch slouching commenced for the next 4+ hours.
13. The living room was tidied and even the carpets cleaned because the home teachers were supposed to come over.
14. They were sick too and canceled.
15. We went to bed early. Except me. I can't lie down to sleep. I feel worse that way. Daniel drugged himself. I am jealous.

Friday, October 16

Toddler Music Class

It was a success! (From what I have been told at least) . We used the big legos (Mega Blocks) and built a tower/castle. Each piece had a song listed on it. We repeated a couple of songs since we let kids choose their favorites as a few of the options, but they didn't seem to mind.

We prepped for 25 kids, but there were only 22 plus moms (and a couple of people I think were grandparents). And not all of them did the 'craft' (we made ghosts out of tissues and tootsie roll pops). I think it went over pretty well.

Except for Alice. She yelled at the kids for using her toys. She cried randomly in several of the songs. She broke the tower/castle several times. *sigh* kids.

Next week we are having a Halloween carnival. The grade school kids are out of school, so its the week before Halloween. I signed up to help with a craft. I got told that usually we make lollipop ghosts (go figure). Since we have leftover lollipops, I am going to use them. I think we might make mummies and pumpkins instead of ghosts though. Especially since we will have older kids there. I might even let them use the glue gun (don't worry its cold melt).

Its either that or something totally different. Like masks from paper plates, to spiders and bats from egg cartons. We would just need to eat a lot of eggs between now and next Friday. At least we will have a properly functioning car next week. That will be exciting.

Thursday, October 15


Tender Mercies of the Lord

Today Daniel dropped the car off to have an oil change before we go to Omaha to the temple this weekend.

He got a phone call within 30 minutes of getting to work. The ball joint (or something similar in name) was totally shot. The guy said he could move it 1 1/2 inches with his finger. He would let us take the car, but he wanted us to get it fixed ASAP since any bump could cause the wheel to blow (or worse) and we would be in the ditch.

The guy estimated less than $400 for parts and labor. We chose a more expensive part that they could pick up at the local auto part store instead of order. The part was over $100 anyway. We chose to spend $10 more dollars to possibly get the car done today.

I hope so, I was supposed to be going over to work on planning the Toddler Music Class tonight at 7pm. If worse comes to worse, I will call her and let her know that we have no car, and split up the stuff that way.

I didn't think to ask if they take credit cards, but even if they don't we have $$ in the bank. And we won't lose a wheel while driving on the highway.

Tuesday, October 13

Recovery Tank Clamps

That is what is ruining my life. It was preceded by missing diapers, poo on floor, and a fight to the death.

Daniel has started a (perhaps fruitless) attempt to go to a local store to buy recovery tank clamps. You see, without them, the 'recovery tank' also known as the dirty water tank on a steam cleaner, will not stay on. We tried calling hoover. After 10 minutes on hold we got a guy's voicemail.


Its a good thing the automated voice told us about a local parts retailer. Who knows how accurate the automated voice is though, I mean we went to someone's voicemail. Obviously I am an important customer.

Upcoming events

I am seriously on the way to steam cleaning the upstairs. Even though it doesn't seem like all that much has been getting done. Stuff HAS! Ok, that was slightly more enthusiastic than reality, but its my blog I have literary license. Only $2.89 at walmart. (That's a joke my High School Freshman English teacher used to always make. I think I thought it was funny at the time, and clearly it has stuck with me.)

We are going to the Winter Quarters temple this weekend. Our whole ward is. We are trading kid watching, carpooling, doing 4 sessions (2 endowment, 2 sealings, 1 baptismal with the youth) and the whole nine yards. Temple trips in the family ward are a whole lot more complicated than then the university ward where few people have kids at all. One sister (who has 6 kids of her own) will be watching 6 more kids. We only have to watch one, but its at the same time, so if she needs help we can help her. I think the one we are watching will probably be as much work as 3 'normal' kids. Its not even like he is hyper or anything, he is just super curious and very strong willed.

October 24th I have THREE baby showers to go to. Yes three. One of them is for a 2nd time mom. It makes me wonder if I belong to a ward that just likes to throw baby showers. I don't know if I can even go to hers though. I have one in Topeka to go to, and I have been wanting to go to that one for a while. If you look at my sewing projects you would believe me. Even though nothing has been touched since early September. Man, its been a month since I have done any sewing that wasn't Diaper repair related. How lame.

Speaking on diapers. I bought a snap pliers. All the pretty colors of snaps and I get white and creamy white. Oh yeah, so original. But I figure it will keep the resale value on the diapers. Some of the diapers I put in rehab first (they only got replacement laundry tabs and regular tabs) will be first on the list to get snaps. Why? Well, those are diapers that literally are losing the front strip of loop velcro. I don't understand why I have fraying on the edges of my velcro. Even my new diapers that are 6 months old are starting to fray on the edges of the velcro. None of the diapers I have bought have that problem. Speaking of diapers I bought, I got 6 more. I couldn't help it. They were $20 for the lot shipping included. It was too good a price to pass up. That means I have bought 24 diapers that needed repairs over the last couple of months. I already had 6 that needed the treatment.

Hmm I should probably vacuum before the dishwasher is done. The dishwasher needs emptied because there are still a few dishes in the sink and the sink smells. Like sour milk. That is the curse of buying tons of milk on sale and not rinsing cups that go in the sink. I thought I would also blame the baking of cookies, but staring at Alice 'eating' her cereal reminds me that blaming the milk is not such a bad idea. She is covered in it. Oh well, at least I have most of the laundry done. Then I just have to sort it all and put all her outgrown clothes in storage. Sigh, its never ending in this house.

Saturday, October 10

Name found!

During scripture study we heard a long list of the 12 disciples' names (3 Nephi 19 for anyone that is interested).

Best name using D and R from the Book of Mormon:

Desolation Rameumptum.

There is a serious lack of D names in the Book of Mormon.

That name should be on the worst names list.

The R names has better selection, but none of them go with Desolation quite as well as Rameumptum.

Cold and wet fall = pretty colors

I must remind myself of this because its stinking COLD out there. Temperature at 11am - 38F, real feel 30F. How punkish. Of course supposedly having a cold and rainy fall means they trees change colors more slowly and actually change colors instead just going to brown. Lets hope its so.

Dillons is having some fancy 3 day weekend sale that includes $1 half gallons of milk if you buy at least $10 worth of other stuff. So I bought a bunch of baking stuff. Its so cold we should bake all day. Or maybe we will turn the heat on. Daniel has put insulation in the cracks around the front window. We have also decided we are going to hire someone to finish the job for a few reasons.

1. It will get done faster.
2. Daniel's work just opened up the overtime policy so he can work up to 11.5 hours each day on the weekend between 8am and 10pm. So he will get paid much more to work than to get annoyed at the windows.
3. Our neighbor who has been laid off is a professional carpenter and is considering starting up a business of window replacement. I think we would even have him put the third matching window into the side window hole that we put a puny window into because it was easier.

Then our living room will be pretty.

Daniel just needs to go talk with Scott and take a trip to Home depot (again) to get all the materials for trim stuff. I think he should take Scott with him. Daniel doesn't want to go so he is watching a cartoon with Alice, but I figure he will before too long.

Wednesday, October 7

Ice is Possible

Why must you tell me these things car!

The car also had NPR on and I heard the news. Then I was slightly depressed for all the people that voted for Obama hoping their friends, children, and spouses would be sent home from Afghanistan. I wonder if he will be as criticized as Bush was for the situation. Then again, another trip to Oprah and he will have the adoration of thousands all over again.

I smartly switched to the local 'alternative rock' station and listened to people's stories about how no matter how successful they are, they are a disappointment to their families. Unfortunately that was followed by a news update that included the number of additional troops Obama has asked to send to Afghanistan. We have spend $1 trillion towards this whole thing.

But enough about depressing things heard on the radio...

We have no baby name. We have considered selling the rights to naming our child to the highest bidder. I am so sick of names and people's thoughts on them. I am reminded why we didn't tell anyone any name possibilities when we were pregnant with Alice.

Tonight (cross fingers!) we should actually get the front windows installed. You know, with caulk and trim and the ability to not feel a breeze around every edge of the windows. Sometimes I feel bad that I make huge projects for Daniel. Happy night off (no night school or scouts), please spend lots of time outside getting mosquito bites. P.S. Tonight and tomorrow had flash flood warnings, but it should be about 20 degrees warmer than this morning.

Off to a 9am Enrichment Committee Meeting. Or is it a Relief Society Committee meeting now?

Tuesday, October 6

I just got an email

Welcoming me officially to the third trimester. They told me the baby now weighs 2 lbs and thats why I feel like a barn with legs.

Sorry 'standard' email. Mt kiddo was at 2.2 lbs a week ago. He is on top of things. This makes me wonder what the estimated size will be when we have another sonogram.

On my maternal grandfather's side they had really big boys. Granddaddy Somerhalder (yes that's literally what we called him, all 7 syllables because my mom insisted) was born after a series of still born baby boys. And that my friends is why we have modern medicine. Being pregnant only to have the baby die? Talk about a slap in the face. Especially for someone that doesn't enjoy pregnancy. Even an 'easy' pregnancy in comparison to the previous one.

Any guesses for how big the chunker will be? (I will give you a baseline. Alice was born at 7lbs and 21 inches at 39 weeks 4 days.)


Friday, October 2

Things I love

  • Moving the high chair in front of the TV so breakfast takes Alice 2 hours to eat while she giggles and laughs at Spirited Away.
  • Hot foods! Its stinking cold in our house, and the tarp is here for one more day. I am searching out the food storage hot cocoa. Or at least a recipe to make hot cocoa since i have a bunch of dutch hot cocoa to use. I am leaning toward Alton Brown's recipe. Yum. I am also having oatmeal for breakfast. Nothing like hot cereal to start the morning out right.
  • Good neighbors and friends. I literally had the neighbor knock on the door and insist we let them help us put the windows in. I will tell Daniel he is not allowed to work late, and should even consider leaving early. I mean, he can always work tomorrow if the window is done this afternoon. If i would have said it was ok, I think they would have started putting the windows in and have them dine before Daniel even gets home. But I think it will be better for Daniel to help and get some sort of happy feeling about the whole project.

Thursday, October 1

I hate house projects

I am sitting in my living room watching a movie and pretending there isn't a tarp covered window behind me. Yes thats right. Camping in the living room, I mean the windows were not installed.

It took 2 days to get to the point where according to the window manufacturer, we should get them installed in 40 minutes each.

I hate house projects. They make everyone get cranky. Even the toddler.

Thanks to rain we won't be able to get them in until Saturday. I hope there isn't complaints. I might go postal. I mean, how am I supposed to return the house to pre-last-weekend condition when we have no window in the front of the house, and the trash didn't get taken to the curb. This is only pointed out because my super powered nose can smell the rotting meat I put in there a week ago. Yes having no windows in the front of the house = lots of Lysol spray getting used.

I don't know if i even want to insist we replace the bedroom windows. I am ready to throw in the towel.