Friday, October 1

Time to catch up...

- Thomas stands on his own for about 30 seconds to a minute at a time. ^-^

- Alice loves dresses. She hates pants. We need to get some knee high sock or something since its getting cooler. That and some more fall style dresses.

- I have been crazy busy with church stuff. Calling here, calling there, throw in some visiting teaching, etc.

- Daniel is going to be on call this weekend. O.O They are buying him minutes for his phone and he will get paid for an additional hour of work. He will get a call and have to be there within the hour. They are doing software testing or something.

- We are going to have the siding on the back of the house replaced. Siding and the gutters. We haven't got the price total yet, but I am expecting in the $2000 range. Maybe more if I decide we should replace the windows at the same time. Which would be nice. Just more $ for materials and labor.