Thursday, May 27

Thomas had a milestone!

He sat up on his own. It was on our bed and he looked like he was going to fall over, but he stuck his arm out to prop himself up and locked his elbow.

And our house is unusually clean. At least parts of it are unusually clean. I have several completed meals in the freezer, and several parts of meals in there. I think these skillet meals will be freaking awesome. But they take forever to prep since everything needs frozen before you combine it all. I am going to cook some pasta today and see how long it takes to freeze it individually. Hopefully it freezes fast.

Monday, May 24

Food, fighting, and diaper fluff

So its been a while since I posted. Oops. Last weekend we went over to my cousin Synthia's apartment to celebrate graduation with her. Alice terrorized the cat and got to eat cake with frosting that turned her mouth blue. Thomas practiced graduating from KU.

I am currently cleaning the house so I can spend tomorrow cooking meals for the freezer. Most of them are just assemble and freeze meals. To make things easier. I would rather spend time waiting for things to freeze before throwing them in freezer bags than have the oven running all day. We aren't using the oven at all. I nixed pizza to avoid it.

The cleaning was slightly interrupted by the vacuum making noises like it was a dying animal. One that screams. I took it apart and found two 3" bolts in there. They were put in the machine through the tube where the vacuum bag goes on to collect dust. Thanks Alice.

Speaking of Alice. She has been hitting kids in nursery. Daniel or I will be joining her in nursery for a while. Lucky us. I don't really know what to do about it either. She has started being a terror at church anyway. People all say she is cute, but she drives me bonkers running up the aisles to the front of the chapel, climbing under seats, screaming. Daniel sat with her on his lap in the hall most of church. He got pretty sweaty holding her still. I just hope this is the terrible twos you hear about.

Also, I am going to be a co-op host. Scary right? Its a cloth diaper co-op and the person that was going to host had to have back surgery and won't be able to deal with stacks of packages. I want a couple of things, and no one else volunteered to host, so I am. It might be insane. BUt hey, if you want any cloth diapers, let me know. They are Kawaii Baby diapers. If you are local you can get an even better deal because you won't have to pay shipping to your house. I am still seeing if we can meet the 60 item minimum, but I don't think it will be a problem at all considering the previous interest on the forum where I am running it. And if we are lucky we won't get hit with customs fees. Oh, did I fail to mention its for an international shipment? Yeah. This might be tres complicated.

Fixed the photo links.

Thursday, May 6


Alice, Thomas and I just spent over an hour on the garden. First I turned the dirt in the garden box. Then I planted 5 or 6 plants in containers. We have 2 tomato container plants, 1 basil, 1 strawberry, 1 cilantro, and 1 something I don't remember.

Then I broke down some of the dirt clumps in the garden box and added 8 bags of organic compost/humus. Yum. Alice and I planted the rest of the tomato plants, the two eggplant plants and the 3 onion plants. She also lined up several of the plant starts up along the edge of the garden box.

Thomas watched from the bouncer.

We quit when he pitched a fit and Alice pooped her diaper. Then it was into the tub for Alice, onto the boob for Thomas, and taking a pile of pills for me. (I didn't forget! Go me!)

Thomas is now passed out, Alice is having naked booty time on my bed watching Castle in the Sky, and my back and shoulders are sore. Digging with a shovel uses muscles I am not used to.

Now I gotta go think of something to cook for dinner. We are taking dinner to a family that just had a baby.

Monday, May 3

Guess what!

We are going to be Vegetarian this month. We have already cheated. Its May 3rd. Go us.

The cheating is excusable. We had some things like lunch meat in the fridge that needed eaten. I took one for the team and had a ham sandwich for lunch.

Also, refried bean soft tacos on fresh cooked corn tortillas = delight.

This morning Alice and I cleared out the garden box. Its funny writing that because a few weeks ago we cleaned out the remains of last year's plants. Since then about 500 weeds have sprouted. That and maybe 30 volunteer tomato seedlings and one marigold.

I pulled 28 of the 30.

I have tomato plants I grew from seed that need to be planted (hence the cleaning of the box). And I think the strawberry seeds finally look like they are growing. Maybe.

Feeding a kid. Gotta go.