Friday, May 30

Alice rolls over

So I haven't posted in a few days. Yesterday I made sure I was overly busy. I took Alice with me to help at the zone conference, then we had pics taken for a pamplet on breastfeeding for the Health Department.

She rolled over from her face to her back this morning on our bed. Sweet!

Sunday, May 25

Brownies and other random Sunday night madness

So it just thundered. What the heck? I suppose we are under a tornado warning until 4am. Maybe it will destroy part of our house. But, only the part thats crappy. And we would have to be ok. So maybe it wouldn't be a good thing.

Daniel is baking brownies. I signed up to make some for the mission zone conference, and so they were on my mind. Erin (the RS Pres) said she got all the food stuff, she just wants us to volunteer cooking up some of the brownies, and some of the sloppy joe meat stuff. Its funny that we are serving sloppy joe's to people in suits. Nice. Alice is coming too. She will be left on the floor as long as she will permit it.

Yeah Thursday is gonna be full of out of the house time. The Zone Conference thingy, plus we have an appointment that afternoon. Or maybe its just to pick up checks? I have no clue.

I have lot interest in this. Laters

Tuesday, May 20

Operas made of Soap?

ha, soap operas are insanely low budget. I wonder how well the actors get paid, cause dang. I have never filmed anything and I could do as good or better than thier cameramen. Its like 4th grade class program. They do face shots, and from across the street shots.

And the acting, man oh man is that bad. Everyone is sleeping with everyone and someone is someone's father, but someone else is the real father.Pan to the picture of a kid in a little suit. Its like foreign TV.

Has anyone heard of Degrassi The Next Generation? Its like a wierd Canadian after school special type show. It comes on in the mornings on one of the "independant" stations and I have seen it while feeding Alice. Its definately strange. Aparrantly the people that 'invented' it have had 4 other shows/made for TV movies/etc based in this "universe" and this show alone has had 130 or so episodes. Aparrantly teen dramas are popular in Canada. I have to admit, even the ugly girl's overacting is better than every soap opera bit I have seen while flipping through channels. I can't imagine actually watching this junk everyday.

Sunday, May 18

Christmas in October?

So Daniel's family wants to spend Christmas together. So we looked at tickets prices just to see how much money we will need to have together. Egad! $$$ The cheapest flights were like $200 plus taxes and you have to fly out so early, and then return in January. Yeah 3 weeks. Oy.

So after talking with the great matriarch on his side "Gar" we are working on getting everyone to do Christmas in October. Round trip with taxes, looks to be just under $350 for all of us. Sweetness. Like half what we would have been paying in December, plus way way more flexible. Of course that will be the week right before fall break, but Daniel acts like thats a whatever.

Sweet! Excitement. I want to like find geeky gifts and wrap them and the whole nine yards. I think I even have some old wrapping paper. Hahahaha. Gar wants to get out the christmas decorations and everything. I am a dork and I want to go siteseeing. I have never been to Florida. Woot!

Oh yeah, and I just gave him admin privledges. This could be scary.

Thursday, May 15

Life on the Farm

So Daniel halped Steve fix the leaky outside faucet. It only took a trip to 2 different stores. Thank goodness Home Depot carries everything and thier mother in the store. I wonder what people did before home depot was here? Drive to KC?

Anyway, Steve and his wife (still don't know her name) want to watch our kid. Steve aparrantly loves babies and regrets waiting so long before having thier only one (I think Ariana is like 9 or 10 now). So the next time I want to go to Omaha they will watch her. But I don't know if I trust them enough for that. Maybe for a little date/night out. Like if we decided to actually go to something adultish, but for the whole day? Not likely.

Oh yeah, so Steve's wife wants to take out all the 'nature' going on in our front yards. And yes there is alot. In fact when we first started looking at the place I was like, ok lets remove half of it and it will be cool. And if I can convince my father to come choppy chop a tree or two from our yard, even better. Even if he just provides a chainsaw, that will be cool. We have ladders. at least 3 between the 2 garages. They want to move the chairs that are out front to the back yard, and maybe get more grass. Amen sistah! Gimme some grass in my front yard. I figure we can move some of the stuff from the front, to the back. I wonder if there are people in the ward that know about tree removal. Maybe we will send out an email saying, anyone that wants to climb trees, and chop them down, is invited over some day. You know the typical bribe of pizza almost always works. If nothing else, tree removal day will totally ok for having people over. And when I say tree, I mean short little volunteer trees.

Wednesday, May 14


Well, everything in the house is quiet now. As in... the most noisy noticable thing happening is the typing of this post. Theorhetically the side outdoor faucet of our house is no longer leaky, I don't know if it's true but it may be. I shouldn't stay up late, but I do. :-( Poo. I wonder if you can edit posts.

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