Tuesday, March 31

Free Health Care at Walgreens

I found out about this and had to pass it on. Walgreens' Take Care Clinic is now offering free checkups (colds, allergies, minor urgent care type things) for free to people that lose their jobs after today March 31,2009 until at least the end of 2009.

I never shop at Walgreens, in fact I don't even exist as far as they know, but I think this is awesome. These sort pf check ups typically cost $59, and I know that is a lot of money for people with no income (or just unemployment). They aren't offering vaccinations or routine check ups, but this will save the uninsured a trip to the ER or urgent care (you know if one existed in Lawrence). Its offered from 11am - 3pm M-F and you have to present proof of unemployment (spouses and kids are also eligible for the free services).

I think they might get my business, if for no nother reason than it makes it so you can get your medicine at the same place as the check up. Not that we are uninsured, so we will have to pay. But it might be nice considering we don't really have regular doctors (except Alice cause she is a baby).

So yeah, awesome.

Future career: beautician?

So today Alice and I have been hanging out indoors. After last night's thunderstorms it was a balmy 35 and windy this morning.

Alice decided to do my hair. I consider wearing a brightly colored (and marketed to the tween crowd) headband doing my hair most of the time. Alice, had to help me out though.

I believe the method behind her madness is: you should have bangs sticking out, hair that covers your face is bad, and eyebrows need combed too. Oh, and everytime she smacked me in the face with the back of the comb she would kiss me.

I suppose the physical abuse is forgivable this time.

Last night I dug up approximately 4 square feet of flower bed. In in I got too many dandelions to keep track. I literally stopped counting once I hit 20, they all went into the compost bin. Then I planted a (slightly invasive) Purple Heart plant. Its also called a purple Wandering Jew. I don't care that it wanders because right now the only thing growing in that area is tulips and come May they will be dead-ish, meaning the dandelions have gone nuts. Its a pretty plant that turns even more purple in sunlight (its more green in the shade). Plus, Alice yanked off yet another piece of it, so I decided it was time to make its outdoor debut. I bought it last fall at a yard sale as an unnamed plant that with more research turned out to be quite invasive in more southern climates.

I also planted the seeds I harvested last fall, with hopes that I can spread some of those perennials around more. I planted some Blackberry Lily which looks like this when it goes to seed in the fall (hence the 'blackberry' name). I also planted some Purple Cone Flower because I want the little patch of coneflowers to be a whole mountain of coneflowers. And then I dumped in a pack of Snapdragon seeds and some zinnias just because. Then hello compost/manure! I can't wait until we have lots of pretty plants and a warm day to enjoy them. In an ideal world, I will have enough flowers to always have fresh flowers inside and out.

Monday, March 30

Alice become an Ice Giant

Today we had the loverly 15 month appointment. Thanks to a shortage of vaccine for Hepatitis B, she only needed one shot. I don't really know what shot that was though. In fact, Alice didn't even cry, she looked alarmed that I was laying her down, then she looked at the nurse like she was mean. The nurse couldnt' remember where she put in the needle either, so she just guess where the bandaid went.

She also has gotten above the alarming 5th percentile. Yeah thats right, my baby is at the 12th percentile for weight and over 20lbs! That means we can officially face her forward (though according to her carseat she needs to be 22lbs, plus she hasn't been as whiney now that she reads books in the car, so it won't happen for a while).

Alice has also continuted in her journey to become America's Next Top Model...i mean her journey to be taller. She is at the 66th percentile, and barely fit the measuring table. So next time, she gets her height read while standing! Fancy, fancy.

Also, it didn't snow 12 inches. In fact, the only snow we got was enough to make it look white between the green patches of grass. Pretty much the sky made slushies on the yard, on the sidewalk, etc. We even had a power line go down up on the corner Saturday morning so we spent the morning at Target.

Don't worry we bought Alice some simple puzzles to make up for the use of heat and electricity. We were pretty dusruptive too. I mean, no one was there because it was raining slushies, but Alice was grabbing things off shelves and throwing a 'playground ball' around and following any kid she spotted under the age of 5 as well as screaming if we tried to make her move on to another area.

We also went to the University ward and saw a friend's baby blessing. We let Alice run amok in the hallway during Sacrament Meeting and the 3rd block. I figure, there are no stairs, she can't open doors yet, and well, its a whole lot easier to not chase her down every 5 minutes. It also seems like in the 2 months since we left about a million people got pregnant...or really they were already pregnant, but they are to the point of wearing maternity clothes now.

Oh and the title? Well, when we were driving to church yesterday morning the sun was out and the pretty ice was melting...so power lines, stop lights, trees, etc were dropping sheets of ice. It made for an amusing 60 seconds of red light. In fact, it was 50 degrees when we drove Daniel to work before the sun was up. Good old Kansas weather.

Friday, March 27

Out Like A Lamb

That's what March is doing. Just like its supposed to...sort of. You see, I am expecting to wake up to about 4 inches of snow tomorrow morning, and it will still be snowing.

I don't have a clue if I should so something to try and protect the tulips and sedum...or chance them all getting frosty. It snowed when they were first popping their heads out of the ground. But I think a foot of snow, and 2 inches is a bit different. Though if it keeps being 32 or 31 we will get a layer of nasty sleet with a bit of snow on top.

So should I cover all the plants with blankets/buckets/mulch, or just chance a freeze? (Its supposed to warm up to 55 Sunday, and 60 on Monday)

Thursday, March 26

Oooo a Cookie!

I seem to be in a blogging mood this week. Of course its all 'Mormon mommy blog' stuff, so I won't get any comments {that is how I validate myself you know}. Anyway, I was in the kitchen mixing up some dough to make some rolls for the Relief Society Birthday dinner tonight. Alice was puttering around in the living room blowing raspberries and reading books to herself.

I was glad she wasn't in the kitchen since she has taken to trying to eat the dirt I have all over the place: cub scout mother's day flower's, tomato plants, attempts at starting some flowers from seed, etc. I may be rather laid back, but I don't take well to my child eating dirt.

We had a lightbulb go out over the sink, so that means i get to replace it with a efficiency bulb. :-) Of course, I somehow moved them from the pantry to somewhere that made more sense at the time...somewhere...not the computer room, not with the cleaning chemicals, not under the bathroom sink or above the waster and dryer... After I searched EVERYWHERE for the lightbulbs {in the garage go figure} and finished the dough I come to see what she is doing.

I saw this:

Yeah, she got the contained of Oreo's off of the dining room table (I still don't know how as I thought they weren't close to the edge) then opened them and was chowing down.

Miss Independant. Getting her cookie on.

Makes me glad I got the slipcover that has a separate cover for the cushions. My one claim to fame, I can strategize. I even used to play and {sometimes} win at chess against my more conniving siblings. I was the angel you know. I you are a sibling and didn't know I was an angel, now you do.

So peace out, and enjoy your cookie.

Wednesday, March 25

Note to self:

Taking the trash out wearing a robe and barefoot is not a smart choice in March. Feet cold. Legs cold.

Programmed thermostat will not kick on until 9am. Wear extra blankets until then.

March is almost over, where is this lamb people always talk about?

According to the back of the 40lb bags, Its recommended to wear gloves when adding compost/manure to your garden. According to the New Brunswick CA dept of environment: "If you haven't composted pet manures, which contain bacteria harmful to humans, there is no need to wear gloves. Finished compost can be handled just as you would garden soil." I wonder if it counts if I have seen neighborhood cats poo in my flowerbed. Next time, wear gloves.

When planting seeds for Mother's Day, scouts will not want to choose pink for the container color. Except Calvin who says pink is his favorite color. Also, Pansy will not be a popular flower to plant thanks to its name. Remember that.

Tuesday, March 24

Who will be my Neighbor?

So the house (half the duplex technically) across the street is for sale. Its the same as ours, only no fireplace, and I am sure its in better condition than ours is, let alone how it was when we bought it in 07. I looked at the pictures online and they have nice kitchen. Its green.

I hope someone cool moves in there.

From my experience over the last year+ houses in this neighborhood are up for sale all the time. And most of them sell very quickly. There is a reason why ours was on the market forever, but thats not important for this post.

Anyway, so I saw 2 cars pull up over there that aren't the neighbors today. I figure, ah someone is looking at the house. That's cool. I immediately peeked from behind the curtains (well technically I just stared out the window the curtains were open). Then about 7 or so giant SUVs pull up park and more business dress people go in. I am not familiar with the real estate business, but I think they just had a bunch of realtors look at the place.

Anyway, info on the listing is here. Its listed for just over the county tax value, but unlike most of the block their property didn't decrease in value. Go them. And they don't have a fireplace (lucky, we find ours to be a heat and cool trap, and we have used it once with poor success, it probably needs some repairs *sigh*).

Have I sold this to anyone yet? Its on a bit of a loop thing, so most of the traffic is local, meaning if your child is like mine and thinks its way more fun to walk in the street than the driveway, she probably won't get hit by a car. At least you will notice the car before they get close.

Ha, the neighbor just got back home and took 2 dogs inside. I knew they had one, but 2? I wonder if they are inside dogs. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to sell the property across the street. I just hope its not make into a rental and gets filled with people that have lots of drunken parties. Drunk people are more destructive than kids skateboarding in the flowerbeds.

So yeah, come by my neighbor for less than $110K before negotiations! (And we don't even have an HOA, trust me thats a good thing.)

Monday, March 23

Long Time, No Blog...Garden, garden, dargen

Ok, its been almost a week, and I am not feeling it. Maybe its because it was supposed to rain Saturday and didn't. Maybe its because it was supposed to rain last night, and it didn't. Maybe its because its cloudy and WINDY today. Who knows.

Saturday we went to yard sales. Yes, its that time of year again. We managed to pick up a cute croquet set for $15. I decided I wanted it, and after getting home I found out similar sets run about $60. Of course our yard isn't really big enough for an actual game of croquet, unless we play through the gate and into the front yard too.

We also got a tool that you can trim tree branches with. Daniel cut some of the low hanging branches by our house. He got to sit on top of a little peak above our front window, and on top of the chimney. I had the ladder fall on me and still have a goose egg from that. Needless to say, it was a long day.

Sunday we got home and the neighbor and some guy that used to live in the other half of our duplex back before we were around were digging up our shared flower beds. I hope they don't get too enthusiastic. Some of the stuff I wanted to stay. Like if they touch the flower bed thats not shared and full of sedum, I will be pretty pissed. I mean, I was planning on dividing the sedum, but I don't want it to go to some guy that will sell it as part of his landscaping company. I want to give it away, or spread it around in my own backyard. The stuff is easy enough to care for that I would be glad to just fill most of the flower beds with it. Green all spring and summer, fall flowers. Its great. And it grows in crappy soil.

Speaking of crappy soil, our back yard is literally as hard as a rock. I tried breaking up a dirt clod with a shovel and I thought it was a rock. No, it was just really bad dirt, I even got a chunk of dried red clay from the middle of a chunk.

We have 240 lbs lf compost to add to the garden/wherever else I want it to help with that. It was only like $20 too. Gardening has become an expensive hobby because of the start up costs. but next year I plant on having my own compost. Plus we won't have to build a garden box, unless we want to do more.

Tuesday, March 17

A 'doh' moment

Today Alice and I drove Daniel to work.

We were planning on going with the cub scouts to the police station for a tour.

I was surprised it was on St. Patricks day since our town (in its unrighteous drunkenness) has a mighty big parade.

We went to the church. Walked around outside for a while since no other cars were there yet.

At 2 I thought, what if it isn't today. At 2:10 I checked my email.

DOH *smack hand against forehead*

It is on Thursday.

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man

Alice has learned that mirroring people is fun. Last night we were sitting on the couch and she kept throwin her arms straight up in the air after playing a song on her little Winnie the Pooh book (You know the ones that have like 4 pages and 4 songs.

Well Idecided to copy her and she enjoyed it so much that she was placing her hands over her eyes (while peeking) over her mouth, on her head. Whenever the music stopped she would press the button again and continue with the poses.

I, obediently, copied her.

After about 40 minutes, I was pretty sick of it. Partly because there are only so many times I can sing "Sleep Eyore Sleep, you might try counting sheep..." partly because dang FOURTY minutes of this.

So I tried sticking my hands out for hi 5s. She has sort of done them before and thinks they are hilarious. Then I played patty cake with her.

I call this a milestone.

{Oh, and her fever has broke. I slept more than 6 hours last night! She now has 2 more teeth on the bottom and she will bite with them. Well, she hasn't yet, but she will according to typical baby behavior. Though most of the time her attacking other babies includes trying to hug and kiss them, and them pushing her down. Except the smaller babies that don't stand up. She has tackled one trying to hug her. It made everyone on gospel doctrine go "Awwww" except the other baby's dad. He was a bit concerned.}

Saturday, March 14

3/14 also known as Pi Day

Oh man. We need to make a pie.

I wonder if pizza pie counts.

Though I do have a bunch of frozen peaches and I can make a mean peach pie.

Oh the choices.

Friday, March 13

Merrill The Lynch

Rebecca wanted me to contact Merrill Lynch to increase my deductions and see if she could get her 401k rolled into mine.

I foolishly assumed that they would be much lick other people and that doing that would be completely impossible during a half hour.

I was wrong. My deductions are increased. Her 401k cannot be rolled into mine. She has to figure out something else to do with it.

Random fact: Merrill Lynch will allow you to increase your 401k deduction to 100% of your income. Personally I think it would be a little depressing to go to work and then every two weeks receive a bill for my benefits, but that's just me.

Anyway, bye!

My Garden, lets hope you grow

Today the city is giving away free compost. We were planning on getting up and going before Daniel went into work today. (He gets to close and so he didn't have to be in until 10:30.) Well the alarm went off at 7:30 and Daniel didn't want to get up. I didn't either, but forced myself to stay awake enough to poke at him at 8 and tell him we needed to get compost before it was all gone.

I said if he didn't get up we would have to buy some. He asked how much that would cost, I estimated $10. He said ok, and went back to sleep.

The next time I opened my eyes I tried to tap Daniel to wake him up, only he was gone.

We got up around 9. I took Daniel to work, and was at the Music Class by 10:30. Once there I realized it started at 9:30. Oops.

We came home and I looked at my box of seeds. I (naively) bought onion seeds to try and grow from seed. I didn't realize you are supposed to start the plants 10 weeks before they go outside. Ten!

I have my 6 week tomato plants well on thier way to producing, but the onions. Oy. I suppose if worse comes to worse they will just grow up to be green onions.

And we still haven't got any compost. I volunteered to help prep for the ward Native American culture party (i.e. lets eat Indian tacos!) so I will be there for the next 3 hours. After that, I will eat some then (maybe) pick up Daniel. The dinner starts at 6:30, Daniel works until 7. Its not the most convenient, but whatever.

Tomorrow we will get compost. Even if the city has run out.

Poor garden space. Unloved enough to wake up on a morning we can sleep in.

Thursday, March 12

Memories of my Childhood

I think I might start a series on this, because why not.

Our mornings usually consisted of my mother singing "its time to get up" over and over until we woke up. (I hated that. A LOT. It was so patronizing, and made me want to not get up to spite it.) I swear its a song she made up, but if its a real song, tell me.

Here is the lyrics for the song, for your torturing pleasure.

Its time to get up,
Its time to get up,
Its time to get up in the morning.

If you don't get up,
and you don't get up,
Then you won't get up in the morning.

Once we got up it was a flurry of putting on clothes that were clean, brushing hair, and eating breakfast. (This was before we started eating school breakfast.) I think we ate toast often. I do know my mother would make cream of wheat cereal sometimes, wheat berry cereal occasionally, but things like scrambled eggs very rarely (they would be breakfast burritos if we had them). That's mostly because between the kids there were some rampaging egg and milk allergies, plus who knows what else.

I do recall plainly having a "Snack Time" in grade school. We would get a little carton of milk and some fruit (or something). I mostly remember the milk because if you were the brownnoser of the day you would get to be one of the people to pass out the snacks. I always liked how the tray of milk cartons looked. If only they made little milk cartons you could buy in the store. You know, ones that weren't insanely priced.

I think I preferred milk in paper cartons to plastic milk jugs for a while. Milk from a jug didn't taste right. I don't know if its the plastic taste, or the lack of a paper taste.

I wonder if they still have snack time in school, and if they do I am sure it costs money. (I have no idea, but I think snacks were free in grade school or maybe 10-20 cents/day?) It was the 80s and I lived in a town with about 1500 people, followed by the big city with 18,000 or so at the time.

Wednesday, March 11

The Joy of Facebook

Jessica is having a baby tommorow.

I wonder what Jaylyn's counting down to?
I don't know maybe she is having a baby.
I thought she already had a baby, maybe she is pregnant again.
What really? No way, she was just pregnant.
Do they induce people at 1am?
Yes, if they are just breaking the water and trying to induce labor without pitocin. {And I pronounced that correctly.}

{Good thing someone who has only been related to that string of Smith's for a couple of years could help him out with that.}
How crazy is it that Jaylyn and Jessica are both having babies tomorrow? Ok, its not that strange since Jessica now lives in Ohio and has never met or heard of Jaylyn who lives in Utah. But lets fake random coincidences!

Daniel is currently adding about 50 people as friends because he knows them.

La, la, la, la, la. Lets be friends.
I don't know who this is, but I'll add her because I think I should know her.
Who's that? Oh she can't be my friend she reads your blog.
Oh yeah, totally. Oh there is ______.
______ oh yeah totally. We aren't friends at all but maybe we can become friends through facebook.
_______ you like _____ I'll add her as my friend.
_______, I find her annoying, but I'll add her.
________, is that the wife of ______? Oh, ok I will add her.
_______? Who is that? She looks weird {he added her, and its probably not you.}
Jane? For sure! Jane is like a Primary song incarnated into a human body. You look at Jane and you just think of primary songs. {He has even told her something similar in person so I think its ok to post on the internet.}

Gotta get more friends on Facebook. So I can get hooked on Facebook. So I can be a Facebook junkie.

Aren't our conversations great? Or at least really random? Yeah, I literally just started typing Daniel's conversation with the facebook suggested friends. I figured we wouldn't give out too many names as it might not be too appreciated, but if you get a friend request put your name in a blank!

Sunday, March 8

The Day of Rest

So the credit card loves us, or something. As of the next statement the interest rate will be reversed, and the fee they charged us is being dropped as a 'show of goodwill.' {As I wrote that I immediately wanted to laugh and say 'haha suckers' a la Nelson from the Simpsons.} I couldn't help myself. It ran through my head. I think its because the Simpsons is on.

Anyways. Yesterday we cleaned out the garage. Ok, it was only half cleaned, but its so much more organized its insane. We still have some random boards and stuff to leave on the curb, and to sweep the other half of the garage, but we moved a couple of boxes of old textbooks into the garage attic/loft thingy as well as the old Home Reserve couch and some cushions. We also piled up a bunch of empty boxes to go to the curb Wednesday. We are considering getting a peg board for hanging things like hammers, shovels, and the like on the walls, but thats for another time.

We fed the sister missionaries dinner tonight. That means we cleaned, and even mopped the kitchen. Daniel said it sparkled. Alice only slipped a few times (I lost count) but she only hit her head once when she went kersplat on her back.

Anyway, today was good. Church was good, dinner was good, and the email back from the credit card was good too. :-) Bring it on Monday!

Saturday, March 7

Pay it Forward!

Here is something happy for the weekend, and to commemorate the fact that we don't have calling stuff or Daniel working so its a real weekend!


The first 3 people that comment on this blog post, will get something awesome handmade by me, within 12 months. Might I add that this generous time limit is awesome? If you want to join the pay it forward mania, tell me and then post something on your own blog to pay it forward.

Oh and you don't know my mad skillz when I get determined. I spend about 4 hours shoveling dirt Friday. That's determination with an ankle biter running around after you. Or maybe I just like messiness. Either way your handmade thing will be eventful or exciting or something.

Oh, and I take requests too, cause that's how I roll! {The request just might not be completely followed, but I will try!}

Friday, March 6

Things that annoy me

1. Getting a letter from your bank you rarely use about a $953 'check' that was returned on a Saturday.
2. Realizing the 'check' was a payment to the credit card, but was paid using my account that had about $100 instead of the household checking account.
3. Scrambling to fix something that was my fault, but totally an accident.
4. Getting a second letter from the bank, that I want to add is local and has locations covering the town, stating that the payment was processed a second time and was charged yet another returned check fee.
5. Having my bank account go from $110 to $59 because it took the bank over a week from the date the payment was posted by the credit card for them to notify me that they were refusing payment.
6. Contacting the credit card and them acting like if I pay them via check it would take care of the situation on that end.
7. Finding out my intrest rate is now 29.990% on the account because of 'terms I signed' according to some snotty customer service rep.
8. Contacting the bank to attempt to close the account and getting told it can only be done in person.
9. Knowing that going to the bank 'in person' will probably result in wailing and gnashing of teeth.
10. While writing a letter to the bank, discover I was charged a $39 returned chek fee by the credit card.
11. Knowing that all the money in that account was money from when I was working my butt off part time at McDonalds and making less than $8/hr before taxes.
12. Not knowing if any of this will do anything.

On a positive note, we decided to check our credit scores because we will probably try and get a new credit card. I had that credit card for several years and until a week or so ago I would have given them great reviews, so we thought we would see what typical rates are like now that the financial crisis = increased credit card fees and interest rates. (Ironic since house interest rates are at a 25 year low or something.) Daniel discovered he had two active credit cards that he didn't know about and hadn't used since before we were married. We contacted the companies and are getting cards and terms info sent to us. Both cards are ones he opened before he left on his mission. Also, from what I have seen with my credit score I can easily get a new credit card that has a lower (and fixed) interest rate close to what I had before new 'Terms and Conditions' went into effect January 1st doubling my interest rate to almost 18%. I guess sometimes its good to keep your options open. I also know that it costs the credit card some money to keep an account active, so I will try and keep the one that we used to use all the time, open. If only to make up for the fact that I have been in a funk about this whole thing for a while now.

I have been up since 4:30am because I couldn't sleep. Maybe I will crawl in bed with a baby and try to sleep some more. Oh, and I hate money. That's totally on the record.

Wednesday, March 4

Non-topic Post!

I should probably explain something from my last post. Its not that I got a lot of mean looks from people in the university ward. Its more that fact that if someone screamed, it was usually mine, and everyone would look. I apologize if anyone thought I hated the non-mom group or anything. Maybe I just assume they are looks of disgust because that's how I used to be.

Yesterday was a long long day. I called a million people about this Thursday, and a few people I called more than once. I have to admit, its surprising to me when people don't have someone home or an answering machine. This is just proof that I am of a younger generation than some people I guess. I mean if I think about it, my parents might have an answering machine now, but 5 years ago I don't think they did.

Daniel got up half an hour early to cook himself hamburger noodle stuff for lunch. He left it on the arm ofthe chair by the door. My guess: he set it down, put on a coat, went upstairs and said bye to me, and then left. Poor forgotten noodle food.

Our power was out when I woke up this morning. I looked at the clock and it was off. I didn't know why Daniel had unplugged it, but I guess whatever. After nursing Alice I heard a strange beep as some of the appliances downstairs told me they were plugged in. The clock was flashing 12:00.

And my tomato seeds sprouted. I now have a million lettuce sprouts as part of my lettuce in the flower garden initiative and a few tomato plants. Lets hope I get more than 5 green tomatoes this year. One can hope.

I am all out of things to say. Next post will be more topical, but this is my brain spewing forth.

Monday, March 2

Reasons why the Family Ward is AWESOME

We switched from the University Ward to a family ward about 2 months ago. While at first it seemed really different (having tons of kids present does that), I have to saw I love the differences.

1. Unique callings. In the University Ward we could have never been called to be cub scout leader. There aren't any 8-10 year olds there. This calling is great because you can pretty much play games the whole time, and it counts as achievements. It seems like the perfect program for kids, I mean play catch from 10 feet away and get to sign something off? Easy and fun. {Ironically we had only one 8 year old that turned 9 2 weeks after we got the calling, so we are waiting for the next 2 boys (one in April, one in June). We just hang out and help out the other leaders for now.}

2. Alice may have learned how to throw tantrums, but she also has learned where the nursery is. Yesterday she was (righfully) sick of church. It was the 3rd block, there were no babies to play with that were close to her age, and she had eaten all of her grapes.
She ran up to the door and started screaming and banging her head and body against it. I grabbed her and carried her to the hall. I figured running around might help with some of her energy. She ran directly to the nursery and started body slamming the door. I looked in and it looked pretty calm so we went in.
We played with bubbles, and music time, and ribbon thingys you swirl in the air.
She threw a fit when church was over and I tried to put things away.

3. People look down when they are walking. In a building thats overrun with babies and toddlers (though Wakarusa ward is worse, they had 30 babies born last year. Thats right 30!) people know that if you walk briskly you will briskly run over a few kids. Its nice because of the kid darts between legs faster than a bigger person can navigate, no one will step on her. In fact, if she runs for the door she will be stopped.

4. Everyone and thier mom is a mom. Ok, maybe not completely, but lets face it a good 90% of them are. It makes people understanding when your child screams bloody murder in the middle of the opening prayer, or the sacrament, or the Relief Society lesson. Some days it seems like all three. And no one give the "I can't hear thanks to that demonic spawn of yours" look. While that look might take some practice to get used to, it may not be entirely accurate. My spawn isn't demonic, she is teething, and you maybe you need one of those handy hearing devices that look like a blue tooth. [Cause I am not defensive] But you know what, I have yet to get that look. In fact, I have people offering to help out, and actually knowing how to.

Sweet, sweet bliss.

This post was because I saw the University Ward Missionaries in the hall at the Scout Banquet on Saturday, and they asked if I liked the family ward better. While I miss many of the people from the university ward, the family ward is the place for kids. I mean they have an actualy mother's lounge with 4 rockers and a changing table. Of course, Alice is now old enough that she finds the place exhilarating (it has curtains) and exotic (other babies are nursing OooOooo...lets stare). But still, I can hear the talks, the songs, and sit in a really comfortable rocker. Too bad by the time our ward kicks in, it already smells like poo. Gotta love being the 3rd ward in the building every Sunday.

Oh yeah, did any of the Outcalt clan(s) lose a green baby sized glove/mitten? Its at the institute, and the missionaries thought it was ours, but its not. We let our baby fingers freeze like good parents. It showed up sometime around Christmas.