Wednesday, April 14

Things I am good at!

I was inspired to do something positive. Because of someone awesome. You should check her out.

I am an awesome cook. Baking, cooking, etc. I can follow a recipe to a T, and modify it if I desire without making a total flop.

I love helping and serving others. And I think I am good at doing it in non-obvious ways.

My thumb is so green, there is a plant growing in it. I have successfully started many plants from seed, and if I had the space I could have a garden 4 times the size of mine with all these plants.

I can clean like a whirling dervish. Dervish in, mess out!

I can read those instruction sheets that come in assemble it yourself boxes like a pro. It comes from all those years reading labs for chem class.

And yeah, I would say more, but I have children that demand more attention from this awesome mom. I guess I am good at being the most relied on one in the house.


Anonymous said...

You are also awesome at singing, organizing big dinners, staying in love, and making beautiful babies. The plants I started from seed are real long and narrow. I guess I watered them to much, and didn't put them in the sun soon enough. Any suggestions besides planting them deep?

Becca said...

Planting them deep won't help. Its just lack of sun. If plants don't get enough sun they get 'leggy.'