Saturday, May 28

Don't use ladders on top of scaffolding

Its not safe. Don't put a box on top of a chair to reach something taller, get a bigger chair. Stacking your bases is bad news.

Daniel has learned this lesson. We will learn it again when we get the bills.

He fell off of a ladder that was on top of scaffolding (that I specifically told him was a bad idea and he paid no heed because he thought it was silly worrying because I have a fear of heights).

We called 911, they ok'd him to get up and let me drive him in the car to the ER (hey hey saved $600 go us). Lost 3 diaper inserts from soaking up the blood on his leg, and the tie we used to tie his leg up when we realized it was bleeding.

At the ER we waited over an hour to get xrays. Then he was in xray for about 30 minutes and had at least 8 xrays of his legs as well as a chest xray. About 10 all up.

14ish stitches (some inside) and a 7cm long wound. Bruises out the yinyang. He gets to go back in 10 days to have the stitches removed.

bedtime is about 3 hours later than usual.

Good times? At least its a 3 day weekend.

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