Thursday, May 6


Alice, Thomas and I just spent over an hour on the garden. First I turned the dirt in the garden box. Then I planted 5 or 6 plants in containers. We have 2 tomato container plants, 1 basil, 1 strawberry, 1 cilantro, and 1 something I don't remember.

Then I broke down some of the dirt clumps in the garden box and added 8 bags of organic compost/humus. Yum. Alice and I planted the rest of the tomato plants, the two eggplant plants and the 3 onion plants. She also lined up several of the plant starts up along the edge of the garden box.

Thomas watched from the bouncer.

We quit when he pitched a fit and Alice pooped her diaper. Then it was into the tub for Alice, onto the boob for Thomas, and taking a pile of pills for me. (I didn't forget! Go me!)

Thomas is now passed out, Alice is having naked booty time on my bed watching Castle in the Sky, and my back and shoulders are sore. Digging with a shovel uses muscles I am not used to.

Now I gotta go think of something to cook for dinner. We are taking dinner to a family that just had a baby.

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