Monday, May 3

Guess what!

We are going to be Vegetarian this month. We have already cheated. Its May 3rd. Go us.

The cheating is excusable. We had some things like lunch meat in the fridge that needed eaten. I took one for the team and had a ham sandwich for lunch.

Also, refried bean soft tacos on fresh cooked corn tortillas = delight.

This morning Alice and I cleared out the garden box. Its funny writing that because a few weeks ago we cleaned out the remains of last year's plants. Since then about 500 weeds have sprouted. That and maybe 30 volunteer tomato seedlings and one marigold.

I pulled 28 of the 30.

I have tomato plants I grew from seed that need to be planted (hence the cleaning of the box). And I think the strawberry seeds finally look like they are growing. Maybe.

Feeding a kid. Gotta go.

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