Tuesday, July 27

Guess what I got....

A brand spankin new serger!

OK, so I have had it for a little while. But I haven't let myself play with it until this last weekend. You see I did a sewing trade for the serger. And man those things are exhilarating! Its like driving a really fast car on an empty road. Vroom!

I sewed a dozen of these bad boys. Itty bitty newborn diapers. The scissors arel ike 8 inches long for size comparison.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Of course, once I was done with some of them, I realized I had stuck the soakers in too low. But, the snap in soakers are in the right place.

So last night I whizzed through some flannel to make some baby wipes. Now that Thomas has started solids, we wipe faces and hands ALL the time. Most of them are smaller than I probably would use for bum wipes, but are good for face wipes.

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Julie P said...

Those are stinking cute.