Wednesday, July 14

The Heat Test Cometh

Sometime during the last week or perhaps more than a week ago our AC stopped working. So far we've had a fairly easy time of it, cause it hasn't been overly hot.

This upcoming week there are days where is forecasting that it will feel like 111. The scary part is that some of those days are times when I without question need the car.

We'd decided that we were going to try holding out until after the summer to get it replaced cause it might be cheaper...

Does anyone know if it is cheaper? Maybe you should pray for Rebecca, she'll be a hot one!


Julie P said...

It should be the same all year round. We had some repair done last fall and it wasn't cheaper according to my Dad who had repair done in the summer with the same company. Get it fixed!! Your little ones will me too hot!!!!

Danno said...
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