Tuesday, July 6

Well today was worse than a Monday

Actually it didn't start out that bad. But by 5pm I was wearing thin. Here is a brief synopsis of the day.

While nursing Thomas I hear a noise that sounds like eggs hitting the tile floor. Unfortunately, I know what that sounds like. Leave Thomas and find Alice with about half a dozen eggs/egg shells on the kitchen floor and in a large bowl. Clearly she was cooking. Mop kitchen floor.

Decide to try and sew. Find out my bobbin is out of thread. Fill bobbin. Thomas wakes up screaming.

Attend to Thomas.

Come downstairs to find Alice with the empty pitcher that had held kool aid and 4 bowls of varying sizes with koolaid in them. Take the remainder of the kitchen towels out from under the sink and mop up the koolaid.

Find Alice unravelling some ribbon. Take it. Then see her unwinding a spool of thread. Twitch. Take the thread. Twitch. Lock off the computer/sewing room. Hear Thomas bellowing again (the boy had better have a tooth pop out sometime soon).

Change some diapers. Let Alice in the back yard. She picks 3 'bubbles' also called GREEN tomatoes to the English speaking world.

Try to ease my mental instability with the internet. Stop Alice from more destruction. Hold a screaming Thomas.

Take my mental pill. Wish Daniel were home. Finally beg Daniel to come home from class.

Then what happens after I am rescued from a certain demise?

The flipping cupboard holing all of our dishes crashes and falls. Yes, all of our plates, bowls and some cup are broken. Well, a few probably made it. Its not completely picked up yet. I am on child containment duty. Oh and when it fell, it landed on the george foreman grill and busted it. Who knows what else is broken. But Thomas fell asleep while I was typing this and Alice is locked in her room, so I should go help Daniel pick up broken glass.


disillusioned said...

:( I'm sorry!

Mary P.

P.S. Thanks for your comment. I seriously had no idea where to get it!

Kate said...

:( I'm sorry you had such a rough day!!!

Please let me know if you need ANYTHING! We would love to help out in any way possible! Just give me a call :)