Sunday, May 25

Brownies and other random Sunday night madness

So it just thundered. What the heck? I suppose we are under a tornado warning until 4am. Maybe it will destroy part of our house. But, only the part thats crappy. And we would have to be ok. So maybe it wouldn't be a good thing.

Daniel is baking brownies. I signed up to make some for the mission zone conference, and so they were on my mind. Erin (the RS Pres) said she got all the food stuff, she just wants us to volunteer cooking up some of the brownies, and some of the sloppy joe meat stuff. Its funny that we are serving sloppy joe's to people in suits. Nice. Alice is coming too. She will be left on the floor as long as she will permit it.

Yeah Thursday is gonna be full of out of the house time. The Zone Conference thingy, plus we have an appointment that afternoon. Or maybe its just to pick up checks? I have no clue.

I have lot interest in this. Laters

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