Wednesday, May 14


Well, everything in the house is quiet now. As in... the most noisy noticable thing happening is the typing of this post. Theorhetically the side outdoor faucet of our house is no longer leaky, I don't know if it's true but it may be. I shouldn't stay up late, but I do. :-( Poo. I wonder if you can edit posts.

This is me editing your post. Here is how. Go to your dashboard, then go to posting. Click on the second link at the top (edit posts) and then you can click on a post and change it. Like I just did.

For visuals refer to the blogspot answer thingy:

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The Queen Mum said...

You can edit them, in fact I can edit them. Did my comment just disappear? No worries, I will go back and put it in there.

Man that toast smells good.