Tuesday, May 20

Operas made of Soap?

ha, soap operas are insanely low budget. I wonder how well the actors get paid, cause dang. I have never filmed anything and I could do as good or better than thier cameramen. Its like 4th grade class program. They do face shots, and from across the street shots.

And the acting, man oh man is that bad. Everyone is sleeping with everyone and someone is someone's father, but someone else is the real father.Pan to the picture of a kid in a little suit. Its like foreign TV.

Has anyone heard of Degrassi The Next Generation? Its like a wierd Canadian after school special type show. It comes on in the mornings on one of the "independant" stations and I have seen it while feeding Alice. Its definately strange. Aparrantly the people that 'invented' it have had 4 other shows/made for TV movies/etc based in this "universe" and this show alone has had 130 or so episodes. Aparrantly teen dramas are popular in Canada. I have to admit, even the ugly girl's overacting is better than every soap opera bit I have seen while flipping through channels. I can't imagine actually watching this junk everyday.

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