Sunday, May 18

Christmas in October?

So Daniel's family wants to spend Christmas together. So we looked at tickets prices just to see how much money we will need to have together. Egad! $$$ The cheapest flights were like $200 plus taxes and you have to fly out so early, and then return in January. Yeah 3 weeks. Oy.

So after talking with the great matriarch on his side "Gar" we are working on getting everyone to do Christmas in October. Round trip with taxes, looks to be just under $350 for all of us. Sweetness. Like half what we would have been paying in December, plus way way more flexible. Of course that will be the week right before fall break, but Daniel acts like thats a whatever.

Sweet! Excitement. I want to like find geeky gifts and wrap them and the whole nine yards. I think I even have some old wrapping paper. Hahahaha. Gar wants to get out the christmas decorations and everything. I am a dork and I want to go siteseeing. I have never been to Florida. Woot!

Oh yeah, and I just gave him admin privledges. This could be scary.

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nannergirl said...

Are you going to the harry potter theme park while you are there. Muah. I don't know if it has opened, I just remember hearing about it being built a year or so ago.