Friday, May 22

Hi I am your resident Food Storage Expert (i guess)

Oh man, the pictures in our blog header are like a year old. Like Alice was just learning how to smile. Sometime I will fix that. Maybe in June, after LINK. My life is busy.

So, tonight was relief society enrichment. I taught the lesson. I admit, I got really scared nervous like wavery voice and shaky hands and the whole nine yards.

Well obviously so I could do well! Daniel thinks part of doing well in a talk or lesson is lots of preparation, some ability, and a good dose of nerves. Plus a little inspiration.

I am gonna guess I had a bit. The presidency member in charge of enrichment was beaming a HUGE grin most to all of my lesson. That was encouraging. Like, yay I am not failing! (Even though no one had questions, and there were about 2 comments.)

So I succeeded!
Whether or not that is actually true, remains to be seen. But, hey people sounded excited. We fed them strange foods like brownies made with brownie mix and a pureed can of black beans as well as 'rice salad' stuff that can almost entirely be made from shelf stable food, and even homemade tortillas. There were some excited people when we had them roll a tortilla and cooked them on the griddle. The comment that I loved the most was "tortillas are getting so expensive." By far, the best comment of the night.

Oh, and the recipe that we used, is so different from the recipe I usually use. Like I had issues with the dough not rolling out. Maybe its because it didn't have any whole wheat flour so it was stretchier or something.

I know you all care, but I have a nice little zit from stressing myself out over this. Darn stress hormones messing with my skin.

So yeah. I get to plan an Enrichment food storage class to meet once a month. I think I am going to go with the second Monday morning of the month. Just because it will be hard to forget about it. That is, if we can get into the building Monday mornings. Plus, it may motivate people to plan FHE activities or lessons around food storage. Cause maybe, like me, they are dorks. Since they want to start it soon, and do them over the summer and I can do whatever I want, then change things as I get feedback.

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