Tuesday, May 5

Sunday morning Phone Call

Sunday we got a message on our phone requesting us to meet with the bishop 30 minutes before church. Only, we got the message at 12:20...meaning they wanted us there in 10 minutes. I am pretty sure we took shoes with us for Alice, but I won't promise they were matching (not that she wears them anyway; feet of steel!).

Anyway, I assumed Daniel was getting another calling. It makes sense, right? He has one calling, and its a joint calling with me. I have that, plus a 4x per year service calling (we provide and serve a lunch for the poor/homeless/whomever shows up).

Imagine my surprise when the bishop asks me what MY schedule is like.

Yes, that's right guys THREE is a magic number.

I am now the ward food storage specialist. I got the impression meeting with the bishop that I would schedule trips to the cannery and all that jazz. Only there is really more. You see, my calling is part of the Enrichment Committee AND in two weeks the enrichment activity is on FOOD STORAGE!

Lucky me! I get to do the lesson. They told me to keep it short, and I will oblige. I am basing it on the Ensign article in March (because that's the most recent thing from the church about home storage). Then we will get in three groups and drive to different homes to see how they do their food storage, and eat food storage recipes.

I will be making my tortillas. Yum. I actually made them for dinner and am gonna test them out tomorrow (see if I can get away with making them more in advance or not). I also am going to try a wheat salad for dinner tomorrow, and probably another one the next day, until I find the 'best' one. Obviously if you are eating your hard core food storage, you aren't going to have feta cheese and (maybe) olives but I am sure the exotic salad is far more exotic.

Anyway, I just need a name for the enrichment activity, cause I am making the flyer, and my idea is pretty boring. So if you were going on a progressive food storage dinner and having a short lesson, what would you call it?


disillusioned said...

This is when, as my mom would put it, she (or I) would say "I would be happy to fulfill this calling, as long as I am released from (choose one) this one.

I'm all for sharing the joy. The first ward is pretty big--at least big enough that 2 callings per person (other than visiting/home teaching of course) should be enough!

:) Mary P.

Melinda Beth said...

That's awesome! I volunteered to be the ward food storage specialist along with my other calling because nobody was doing anything to promote food storage. People in my ward aren't very active with food storage. I've seriously had people tell me:

"We eat almost every meal out. I don't know what we would do with our food storage."

"My husband doesn't want food storage because it would clutter our home." (Who, BTW, have a 5000+ square foot home!)

Good luck! Using the March article is a great idea. I used that article for a stake presentation a couple months ago. I can't wait to hear how your enrichment turned out! Sorry I don't have a good name. My creativity is lacking right now.

The Happy Housewife said...

I have made my tortillas in advance and frozen them. They are better fresh, but it does work. Congrats on your new "job!"