Monday, May 18

Pain for Beauty

I admit, no pictures of the backyard. Partly because the grass is so dead looking, that its depressing. I am seeding the yard on top of the turf today. That is, if I can hobble my way back there.

You see, Saturday I found a hot pair of heels at a yard sale. They were a little big, but not that much. I should have worn hose. Or those little feet socks things for dress shoes.

I am a gimp. Like I have been popping ibuprofen since we got home from church yesterday because of the pain. I have a giant bandaid on my heel right now. I don't really know how to treat these sort of things. You see it never was a fluid filled blister, I just rubbed skin off. I know, TMI, I know. I tried taking a bath last night thinking the soaking would help. Holy Moley! It hurt.

So I am reserving myself to never ending gimpy-ness. Now, I just gotta get up the nerve to clean our living room carpet again. It involves Friday's flood, lets just say we got almost 3 inches of rain in less than an hour, and there was flooding all over town.) We are lucky we weren't these people, then again, we wouldn't have driven into lots of standing water in a road anyway. Especially once there was a car stuck there. You gotta admire people that get stuck when others are already there. Its pretty funny.

Anyway, I will probably go clean the carpets now, since it doesn't require shoes. The yard...well we might put that off until lunchtime or until I take some pain killers today. Since its been all night without them, and lying in bed was killing me this morning. That part of why I didn't sleep in any more than I did.

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