Monday, May 11

Mother's Day Weekend

Well, this weekend was fun. We visited my sister and took her out to a yucky dinner. We were impressed how bad the food was. Then I saw her fridge. The girl had two oranges in her fridge. Two oranges people. Thats it. She had a bag of chicken pieces in her freezer, and food storage style food in her cupboard. She said she didn't need food. Daniel and I decided that next time, instead of wasting $25+ on bad food we will go buy that much worth of groceries. I guess she will be getting breakfast and lunch provided at her summer job, so she will be able to eat more balanced meals. She also lives alone, but I have never seen her fridge so bare. The worst part is that she will refuse to take money from us, a 'loan' is even hard to give her.

I got sick this weekend. Its called a sneezy sniffly coughy, can't sleep Good Times! I got some medicine and a pack of cough drops and it seems to be helping. Of course, I can't sleep. (I fell asleep earlier and then woke up.) It was a better choice to get up and go downstairs than wake the baby.

This morning on the way to the car for church, Alice decided to try and run into the street. She didn't get very close though. She broke out into a run by the car and right before Daniel grabber her to put in the car, she face planted. Right on her forehead. Giant scrape/bruise thing. It turned pink, then sort of purple, and I could see little bits of bleeding. Anyone that has wipes out on a bike knows what it looks like, and how much it hurts. Alice got to sport one huge bandaid all day. Everyone asked what happened. The bandaid didn't hide the swelling, but at least it hid the gross looking part.

I haven't done much for enrichment. I made the flyers and they went into the Relief Society folders, as well as on the bulletain board, but the lesson and (possible) handouts? Yeah, I got nothing. Plus, whatever I encourage people to do, I should be doing myself. After some reading I like the idea of keeping the 3 month supply of food in big storage bins marked with dates for rotating. But, I don't have that. When I told Daniel about the enrichment (in 10 days) he asked if we needed to get the rest of our food storage together. Technically, yes. But, lets face it, I don't have the time or energy to get that done right now. I may get an official 3 month's supply though. Or at least enough of a 3 month supply to drag to the church for part of my lesson. Its been so long since I have done any teaching in Releif Society, so the whole thing mght flop. That means I need lots of visual aids. Lots and lots of them.

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