Monday, June 28

We are going on vacation??

The title is really more of a wonderment than a definite. I don't know who Daniel talked to at church, or what he saw but out of nowhere he wanted to know how far away Nauvoo, IL is from us. (Its 5 hours 31 minutes FTR.)

So we might go up sometime in July. Like the weekend after Daniel's class is finished. As in the 30th and 31st because the class finished on the evening of the 29th. If we go, Daniel wants to go to all the shows he hasn't seen. Which might be hard to get tickets since its the last weekend. But, we have a month to get motivated enough to take a road trip and spend the night in a hotel.

As for other things...

Saturday we went to yard sales and found a Reel Mower! Wahoo! The back yard is mostly mowed. We did approx. 15 minute blocks of mowing since we have been under heat advisory. Reel mowers and too tall grass = LOTS of WORK!

We cooked up a bunch of meat and tried out several different grill seasonings. Pork and hamburger seasoning won hands down. Chicken seasoning was pretty disappointing. Steak was ok, but would have been better on steak (we used chicken and pork). I made up several lunches for Daniel and us home living folk for the week using the meat.

I also finished up cutting out my magnetic paper dolls for a stocking stuffer swap. Daniel helped a little when my hand started hurting. This project reminded me I am not a crafty person. I just don't enjoy getting an exacto knife out and cutting out detailed things. I still need to mod podge them and they go in the mail today. And I will be using a makeup sponge to apply mod podge. We don't have any of the craft sponge brushes. Oops.

I am sewing diapers for a lady in exchange for a serger! I finished cutting out almost all the fabric, but the solid color flannel I got pilled up pretty bad after going through the wash. So I have to run to the fabric store and find a print that coordinated with the print I already am using.

Oh, and the computer room has been emptied and is now my craft/sewing room. Its nice.

Plus today I do a huge mailing of the coop orders. (Yes I am running coops now. I like being busy.) I think I will have 8 packages going out today between the coop orders and the stocking stuffer swap. I think that is all I can think of at this time. Thomas is demanding attention. So I gotta attend to his needs.

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Melinda Beth said...

We are planning a road trip to Nauvoo too! We are thinking of spending the day there on either August 1st or 8th. We are going on our way to CA. I have two other friends planning trips there this summer too. How weird.