Monday, November 16

Baby names for the Holidays

I just thought of some great "D" names if the little monster shows up early.

Dasher (reindeer obviously)
Dudley (from Christmas in Connecticut)
Douglas (for the Douglas Pine)
Dove (perhaps a bit girly)

If he's a new year's baby:
Dagny (means new ay)

And if he is born December 29th or 30th:
David (apparently its traditional names for the day in religious or traditional calenders in many countries including France for the 29th)

Of course if we throw off family tradition since Daniel isn't the first born (and technically not part of the tradition) there are many more options. Who wouldn't want a kid named Claus.


Melinda Beth said...

Why does it have to start with a D?

Becca said...

Tradition. 4+ generations of DH's family have given the first born son the same initials as the father. The middle initial would be an R and I am tempted to throw in Rudolph since its a family name on my side, and completely seasonally pleasing. Lets just hope he doesn't have a red nose.

Anonymous said...

For what its work David sound good to me, whats the R. going to be Raphael, one of the archangels? Its not BOM but it is Biblical. Gar