Monday, November 23

The Ok to Fly

I have one.

Went in and saw a different doc than my regular. She was ironically in her 3rd trimester as well, though not as far along. She also had some vanilla air freshener stuff and instrumental music playing in the waiting room. Plus she gave Alice a sucker, so I think Alice was sold on her being a great doctor.

She wrote me a letter saying I was only 34 weeks and had no complications so they (the airline) should back off. Of course she also warned me that if my water breaks or anything I should make them land the plane. Even if I get to be on CNN as a holiday travel warning. And she wants me to walk the galley a lot. Just keep going to the bathroom, even if I don't need to go. I am sure the other passengers will LOVE me.

Now, I just need Alice to empty her bowels so I can wash diapers and not have to take any poopy ones down with us to wash later. Or leave them. That's not something I want to face coming home to.

We also need to finish off half a gallon of milk before we leave tomorrow. That shouldn't be a problem though.

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