Sunday, November 29

We are Home

After a not so enjoyable flight down to Florida (Alice got tired and wanted to sleep in her stroller after the first flight, but our plane got in late and we had to immediately get on our connecting flight at the last boarding call) I decided that we were going to try and get first class upgrades. Especially since we would be having a non-stop flight so we would only pay the upgrade fee for one flight.

We checked our carry on and just took Daniel's backpack and the diaper bag on the plane. It was pretty nice. Plus the snacks they give first class are way way better. We didn't just get handed cookies or pretzels, we got to choose from a basket of snacks. Alice had at least 3 snacks while we were on there. Some Gardetto snack mix, the standard cookies, and some chocolate expensive cookies I don't remember the name of. It also was handy when Alice decided that she needed to poo (after her 2nd diaper change of the flight) and stuck her hand in it and attacked herself...and me. Daniel got to change her while we were landing. They got back right before we landed on the strip.

Either way, its our last plane ride for a long time. Monetarily speaking, plane rides just take way too much from our entertainment budget for the year. Or maybe its just vacations in general. Who knows. Either way, I can think of a few ways that would be more enjoyable to spend a thousand dollars.

In other news, Alice got her first case of chemical burns as a result of detergent residue while we were visiting family. I gave in and bought some so called "Cloth Diaper Safe" detergent online. After reading all the reviews a few people still have irritation from the stuff. But considering the people were recommending detergents that are known to cause irritation in baby bums, I don't know how much I can rely on their opinions. I have either bought a years worth of diaper detergent, or else I have wasted $20 on laundry soap that we really don't need right now. Lets hope its not the latter. I already have a giant thing of Tide that's at least halfway full that my pregnant nose can't stand and most of a container of Arm & Hammer that works fine. I just need to strip the diapers since we now have a stink problem.

So now we have about a million things to deal with this week. Tuesday I have a doctor's appointment and I register with the hospital to have the kiddo. I have LINK on Thursday, followed by a Relief Society meeting and cookie exchange Thursday evening. Then Saturday Daniel will be getting Cub Scout training most of the day and I will be going up to the cannery for the afternoon. I just need to make some phone calls and locate some child care for times when we are both committed to things. Sometimes I wonder if I will get released from any callings when I have the baby. Many people get released from their callings when they have babies, but all the examples I know of had 'bigger' callings, and none of them had callings in the Relief Society. I think the Relief Society makes plans to alleviate some of the duties of you calling for a couple of months, then expect you to pick things back up again. I suppose that means since 2 of my 3 callings are Relief Society, I should expect to keep them for a while.

I wonder if I cook cookies today if I will have any left for the cookie exchange Thursday. Oh wait, its way to late to worry about that. Monday to Thursday might work out.

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