Monday, November 2

It's Been a Hard Day's Night

Ok, so the day wasn't that bad. In fact, it was pretty nice. Alice slept in until 7am post time change (which is essentially 8am non-time change) and that is amazingly late. Even better, the sun is up at 7am. That's always a good sign.

Of course, then she fell asleep in our bed in just about the same position she is in right now. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The Primary Presidency is worried that I am getting worked too hard. You know, with being a cub scout leader as well as a couple of other callings. That and I apparently look REALLY pregnant. To think we still have 9 weeks (and a day or two) before the actual due date. {Fingers crossed for a baby after New Years.} So they had a bishopric member talk with me and Daniel and essentially say: Daniel step it up, Rebecca stop coming every week.


Of course that wasn't the only strange thing about church. In Fast and Testimony Meeting, Alice was in a strange mood. She cried out in the songs and was exceptionally clingy. It made me wonder if she had somehow gained an ear infection or something. The last time she did that was two weeks ago at a toddler music class, and then she came down with a cold. In fact, she was finally free of the runny nose.

When we tried to drop her off at Nursery, she immediately cried and made Daniel pick her back up. That was seriously a first. Usually, she is first in line for nursery. So we took her with us for our meeting with the bishopric member. After that, we tried again. I watched from the peep-hole as Daniel sat her down and stood by the wall.

Alice stood in the middle of the room and stared at the other kids. Then she looked at Daniel. Then she looked at another kid who offered her a doll or some play kitchen toy. Then Alice picked up a plastic skillet thingy and took it to the other kid. Home free.

The 3rd block of meetings was the annual Visiting Teaching Conference. In this ward it means the priesthood takes over all primary classes, and all the women (including Young Women) meet to hear why visiting teaching is awesome. It was pretty good. In fact, I assumed when they announced it, that the stake was putting the whole thing on, but nope it was just the ward.

The best part was when the special musical number totally failed, and another sister who knew the song got up and helped her out. Aparrantly 2 other sisters were asked to do the song and both got sick and called the Relief Society President yesterday. They gave a new sister the sheet music (which she doesn't know how to read) and a CD with the song on it. She listened to it enough to get the melody, but when she was singing on her own without the tape and with accompaniment, she got super lost. It was great when the second sister got up there and helped her out. In fact once she did, you wouldn't have known that Sister #1 didn't know the song.

After church I got some food. Alice ate a couple of bites of my white bean chili burrito (lots leftover after the halloween contest). She crawled on Daniel's lap and fell asleep. Around 6pm, the sun was down and we were sort of tired, but Daniel figured he needed to do some school work, so we watched Groundhog's Day. He gets to write a paper for his Monday night class using examples from movies and relating them to business something or other. I don't know the details, I just watched the movie.

In bed by 8pm, asleep not long after. Including Alice. Who woke me up not long ago and felt hot. Which led to temperature checks and medication administration attempts. The drugs were refused in favor of going back to sleep immediately, and now I sit awake. Alice is asleep literally behind my back on the bed. Daniel is also asleep. The fetus is also asleep. Or maybe not, but since he is no longer transverse (as of 1:36am Sunday morning because suddenly my stomach was in my throat, i couldn't breathe, and there were no palpable limbs on my sides), he is far less powerful in his attack power. The only downside, heartburn is back, and I have a noticeably decreased lung capacity, plus I have to pee all the time. Oh well, feeling a head, arms, and legs across my gut was certainly not a normal or even enjoyable thing. The first time I felt the head it was cool. The arms, strange. All three, sort of freaky. I even did some research into things to do to get the baby to turn head down. Eating chili wasn't on the list.

Ok, I got really distracted. I think I am going to try and shove the kiddo over so I can lie down again. Or watch some Top Design. But probably both.

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Kate said...

I loved the music number in relief society. It was absolutely perfect, even with the imperfection.