Monday, March 29

Boo on you Bank of America

So we were considering refinancing our house to a 10 year loan. Then about 2 weeks ago they said...oh our bad you need to pay $400 to get your house appraised. We said, screw that and asked them to close the account. Fast forward to today and we get a notice in the mail that we were denied credit and could get free copies of our credit reports.

Daniel called Bank of America and they stated that we were denied because we were trying to increase our monthly payment by more than 20% of our current payment. He told them that we asked them to close the request, and the guy said he would email our mortgage broker.

I sent them a pissed email. I mean really. If there was no way we should have been able to get the mortgage, why did you mess with us for a month and make us get copies of our tax returns, bank balances, etc. Ugh.

I want to refinance to another lender just to screw them out of the interest they are currently getting from us. Jerk faces.

Even Daniel felt offended when he was on the phone, and he is the one that stays calm in these situations. We might have to refinance to make it so they don't get any more interest from us. Insulting.

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