Saturday, March 20

Welcome Spring!

And welcome snow. Oh yes, its a winter wonderland out there. We are supposed to get another 2.2 inches in the next 24 hours. Fun Times!

This week Daniel fixed Alice's dresser. I finished cleaning and organizing her room. And, she has started taking naps again. Ah the beauty of sticking someone in a crib and letting them cry until they fall asleep. Of course that means she thinks bedtime can be a nap and will wake up at 10pm ready to play with toys. *sigh* One step at a time.

Our room is almost completely pretty. I moved some things around ti give the seeds we planted a sunny window out of Alice's reach. Daniel has an entire drawer full of shorts. He wore shorts to work on Friday because he has so many pairs of them.

I cleaned behind the washer and dryer this week. The vent hose fell off when I was pulling out the dryer, so I cleaned that out as well. Two words. Grape skins. Nasty. But I vacuumed them all up and cleaned out the lint in there as well. I think I found about 20 tiny baby socks under there. Plus 5-10 pens under the dryer. I moved it back after I mopped and Alice immediately started putting some 'treasures' under the dryer including a pen. At least I know why I find these pack rat things.

I also sent through all my sewing fabric stuff and put a huge bag of it together to give away. Including that we have several boxes of stuff, a crib that has drop sides and needs bolts, a box of dishes, and all of our VHS tapes. I plan on adding the VCR and tape rewinder and getting rid of the whole thing. We never use it, and it takes up space. Plus if we don't have the VHS tapes we have more room for DVDs which I am currently into buying. A lot.

Thomas had his 2 month check up yesterday. He is more than 2 feet tall! And sticking with the 80th percentile for length. However his weight was only 12lbs 13oz. I know that my SSRI's have a side effect of decreasing milk production and if the babies stop gaining weight you have to adjust dosage. Lets hope this weight thing is a fluke and he will get back up into his weight curve at his 4 month appointment.

We moved a bunch of food storage upstairs and under Alice's bed. Today we will move the stuff from the computer room up. Then watch lots of movies. And be snowed in. That is the life of one that lives in flat states.


disillusioned said...

Hey--can I buy the VCR from ya? I need one (yup--still using the "old" things--trying to replace with DVD's--but I just can't justify the cost of replacing all of the videos yet). I can pay whatever you think it's worth :)

Mary P.

Kate said...

I would LOVE to feel that accomplished with this little place. You've inspired me! :)

And, in response to your comment, if lillie has her high heels on and her princess dress on, she MUST have a purse to go with it. complete with credit card, cell phone, keys, chapstick, etc. And, if for some reason she can't find one of her gazillion purses, she uses a plastic bag. A little obssessed. :)

disillusioned said...


Sent you an e-mail about the VCR. Thanks so much!!!!

Mary P.