Sunday, March 14

We got Spam!

Oh yes, its true. On our previous post some random 'bathroom sprayer' company left a spam message. I left it up. It makes me feel popular.

I have started spring cleaning. To the extent that I am purging our house. Our closets are more empty and organized. I almost have all the maternity clothes put away (I need to check the dresser one more time for any hiding t-shirts). I even cleaned the dishwasher a few days ago. Yes, the house is getting more clean/organized. Though the main living room has suffered. I have spent the better part of the week upstairs going through closets and dressers and Alice has had free reign of the living room. 'Tis the down side of only owning one TV. She has spent time upstairs as well, but she has had plenty of toy time in the living room with me not stopping her.

Some crocus bulbs I planted 2 years ago are up and blooming! They didn't really grow last year so I thought they were dead. Looks like i was wrong! Yay. Also, the tulips are poking their heads out of the leaves in the flower beds. I cleared the garden bed of all the remaining dead plants and a few (live) lettuce plants. I am moving the lettuce, so it had to go. We also started our seeds this week. We have 2 varieties of tomatoes, onions, eggplant, cilantro, basil, spearmint, wild strawberries and some other herbs. I am pretty excited for the wild strawberries. They are supposed to be perennials and I know they are somewhat shade tolerant since I have seen them growing in wooded parks in town.

As for Thomas, he is getting bigger and can now hold his head up for quite a while. He is still a champion sleeper which I appreciate. Alice thinks he is awesome, and sometimes I think he just cries out of fear of her shrieks rather than because she has hurt him. I am sure that will pass.

I am working on building up our food storage again. We are moving it from our computer room to Alice's room under her bed. That will give us more room downstairs, and use a space that currently just accumulates books, toys, and other junk she hoards.

I think that sums up the week. So long recently ignored blog.

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