Friday, March 26

Thomas is Famous!

Well, he has entered the world of Facebook. Not thanks to us or anything. Thomas and I went to a baby shower a couple of weekends ago. Thomas was the youngest baby there, and so he captured the eye of the photographer quite quickly. And ignore my un-ironed shirt. I had a baby 2 months ago and can't be expected to iron for at least 4 more months.

In other news...this week has been a lazy one. There are green things popping up from some bulbs I planted last year as well as the tulips. We had a bunch of crocus bloom that I didn't plant near the trees, but I had not seen before this year.

Alice has started climbing things, experiencing peril, and falling. It leads to bruises.

She has also been iffy on sleeping at night lately. Though last night it was only 15 minutes of silent return before she climbed in bed and slept. Though she hasn't been getting enough sleep and I sometimes want to strangle her and her tantrums. Two year olds are trials.

Oh and I was the speaker at our Relief Society Birthday Party...for all 4 wards in town. It was pretty intimidating. Plus I was the first part of the program. It was me, a musical number, then a short video. Yeah, when I found out the details I was a little scared. And I got a new calling. But it won't be official until Sunday. So there might be lots of objections. Teehee. If that happened I would laugh.


Melinda Beth said...

Yay for pictures! He is absolutely adorable. And, an iron? What's an iron? The buzzer on my dryer is my best friend.

Julie P said...

he is sooooo cute and you looks sooo good!!!
i never iron!! i hang it up in the shower and hope it comes out!!!