Tuesday, March 2

March Madness!

Ok, so this isn't about basketball much to the chagrin of many Lawrence residents. But, is this blog ever about anything but us? Its a rare, rare, thing.

We ran out of bread this morning, so I am making rolls. While I was measuring away in the kitchen getting coated in flour, Alice was measuring cheese in the living room. Oh yes, all over the carpet.

You see, Alice has this problem. She is really bad at getting things out of the container. She just can't grab them and get them out very successfully.

So, she dumps.

No worries that its going to waste. I am letting her eat it. Perhaps, I should retitle this "Bad Parenting 101." I will vacuum after she starts throwing it around. Hopefully I notice before she puts a handful in the clean and folded diapers. Nothing makes things get unfolded like shaking out cheese.

Meanwhile, fat Thomas (who went through 4 diapers in an hour this morning) is passed out in his crib upstairs. Don't worry, he has his own share of messes. Namely a 3 wipe diaper change yesterday. It would have only been a 2 wipe poo, had he not decided he had more poo in him. Oh yes, the wonders of a breastfed baby regulating their system. It is a mighty thing to behold.

Speaking of poo, we LOVE our diaper sprayer. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And the new diaper detergent I ordered online. Rockin Green. If I could laud the wonders of that stuff for $ or detergent I would. Instead I shall pay for it and still laud the fact that diapers only take 2 hours start to finish. Rockin Green rocks my socks off. And with that, the perfect child has awoke. Most likely wet again. I think I shall start laundry with Rockin Green.


Anonymous said...

If Thomas is getting fat, You must be getting slim. It sounds like you are a very good provider of nature's formula.

David said...

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