Wednesday, June 23

Free Toddler for the taking!

I am sick of dealing with Alice today. She is just too good at figuring things out.

This week she learned how to open the fridge door. Yes I did vacuum up an entire POUND of shredded cheese from the just vacuumed living room floor. So I had Daniel stop at Walmrt on his way home from class yesterday to get a fridge lock It needs 24 hours to "cure" which means when she put her weight into it, she pulled the whole thing off this morning.

And she made scrambled eggs. All. over. the. carpet. Of course, she was kind enough to bring the bowl of what she didn't dump all over the living room carpet upstairs to me while I was feeding Thomas.

Did I mention that we just cleaned the carpet a million times in the living room because the house flooded? Well, now it needs cleaned again.

I put her down for a nap after Thomas had a complete meltdown (because she REFUSES to let him sleep...ever...never ever). She came out 30 minutes later after she took off the doorknob safety cover. Thomas had just fallen asleep. She woke him up by being loud. And she had no diaper.

I decided if she can take her diaper off, she can wear training pants. So I put a pair on her. As I pulled the pants in her, I smelled it. The rank odor that I knew was poo.


Washcloths and scrubbing of the poo and stripping of the poopy clothes. Training pants pulled up. Daniel walks in just as I am washing my hands. He got to clean up her room. (except for the poo on the carpet that needs to be steam cleaned).

Fast forward to this evening. Daniel went to Cub Scouts (lucky guy) and I stuck her in the tub. Then I start nursing Thomas who was at that time SCREAMING at the top of his lungs because he was exhausted. And what happens just as he is falling asleep? I see her in the mirror holding the only lipstick I own. A frickking $20 one at that.

Put Thomas down, Thomas begins wailing. Try to grab lipstick, Alice hides under my bed. Finally get her out and see she is covered in lipstick. As is the carpet. The lipstick is destroyed and she is dirtier than when she got in the bath.

So I get several wash cloths and scrub her down, put a diaper and pajamas on her and stick her in bed. When I did this I made sure to fix her curtain so it was dark and put the doorknob lock back on.

I then returned to Thomas wailing. Only to step in a blob of lipstick on the carpet. Within 3 minutes of me starting to nurse him, she was in the hall again.

So Thomas will be up every frickking 2 hours all night...again...because he is too interested in the demon child to sleep in the day. Or the demon child finds a harmonica. Or a recorder. Or her lungs.

Its only Wednesday. I still have a million things to do today before I can get to things I WANT to do. I don't know if I am glad we have a carpet cleaner or pissed that every carpeted room in the house needs cleaned.


disillusioned said...

My parents installed a lock on the outside of our door when we were little. They only really use it for two reason (it was one of those with a latch and a hole to put the latch in) 1. When we were driving them insane being naughty (like when my younger sister threw major temper tantrums) or 2. When we woke up in the middle of the night and had our nights mixed up with our days--they'd put us in there, make sure everything was safe, let us play--and eventually we'd conk on the floor.

So--may mean Thomas has to sleep elsewhere (unless he already does)--but one of those little latch locks up high where she can't get it just may create a situation where she can at least be contained.

Don't know how much it will help with the poop situation. Wes she playing in it? Cause if so--putting jammies on backwards (sleepers work best--with the feet cut out of them), with a diaper safety pin attached to the zipper is what my sister has done with my niece (as well as duct tape on her diaper--but she wears disposable diapers) that seems to help her from playing with her poop.

Anyway--good luck! Gotta love the explorable twos!

Mary P.

Becca said...

Mary - it wasn't so much playing in it as it was taking her diaper off in the dark under her cover. We have some diapers that are harder for her to get on and off (they have S hooks for closure) but they are so hard to get on and off it makes diaper changes a pain. I guess its better than having to steam clean the carpet.

pearson1 said...

Ewe and ugh! Ya--my niece is at that "stage" too--the stripping stage. So, on with the backwards pj's and diaper safety pins (only thing they've found that's worked)--but that was after taking a part the crib and cleaning everything to get rid of the "pebble" poops about 3 times. Sorry she's making life so bleck!

Mary P.