Wednesday, June 16

Its Broken! Words of Wisdom from a 2 Year old

It has been a week since my last post. I even took updated pictures of the garden. But, the SD card reader in the laptop is broken and the SD card reader in the ancient desktop also seems to not work. Plus we don't have the cable to attach the camera to the USB drives. So no garden pics. The green beans are getting tall and some are climbing the tomato plants as planned. With my luck tomatoes and beans will hate each other and neither will produce crops, but that is a story for another day.

The diapers we sent away for repairs came back Monday. The snap conversions are fine and all, but oh my the rainbow snaps she did are P.R.E.T.T.Y! I took a pic using the laptops built in camera. Yes, its a horrible dark picture, but I am sure you can see the prettiness that is on the diapers. Alice sees them and asks for a diaper change.
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Half of them are rainbows without pink, one is just shades of purple, and the others are are rainbows with pinks. I admit, they are the first to get used. Like I might try to sell or trade my diapers for more white ones that have not been snap converted just to get some more rainbows. Nothing like a little pretty in the pants.

Alice also had her first toilet reading session yesterday. I caught her pooping in the corner and fetched the tiny toilet seat. She acted fine with just sitting on the toilet (once I got her to sit ON it and not step into it), but once I handed her the Hancock Fabric's mailer ad she was in heaven. Well, I guess. Either way, she sat there for a good 20 minutes before deciding to climb onto the sink and get things. She didn't poop any once she was on the toilet though. But hey, baby steps.

Let's see, I don't know if anything else has really happened. I somehow twisted my ankle so it hurts to sit cross legged. Thomas slept HORRIBLY last night. Namely he went to bed around midnight. Yeah, it was fun. Alice went to bed early though and has started sleeping really well. Daniel has things planned for every day this week (school, scouts, school, scouts pool party at the city pool, cannery). And since he is gone so much I clean. Well, I did until I somehow hurt my ankle yesterday. Its not like its hurt bad, just enough to convince myself i don't need to clean. I guess the only important thing left is that my birthday is in 9 days.


Julie P said...

We want to come see you!

Have you taken Thomas to the pool?? I didn't know how Caleb would do.

Melinda Beth said...

My birthday is in 13 days! (from the date of this post.) It's on the 30th.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new snaps on the diapers!!! Gorgeous!

I hope your garden grows soon.

LOL about Alice. Logan likes to just sit on the toilet too. I ordered him a potty seat from Franklin Goose but it'll prob be a good 2mths before it comes since I just now ordered it =/