Wednesday, June 2

Hump Day

I have no reason for this post. Except that it's Wednesday.

And both kids are napping.

And I have all the clean laundry folded and put away. Except the ginormous pile of diapers on the bed that need stuffed and sorted into Alice only and Anyone diapers. (Though Daniel puts Thomas in pink diapers, so really I just need to sort out the sized diapers.)

We bought a grill this weekend. Its 'strange' according to Daniel. I think he says that for 2 reasons. One, its a smoker so it is one of those pod shaped grills. Two, its electric. We ate steak for dinner last night. It was ok. We need to delve into the world of rubs and steak seasonings. Supposedly I need to look for this stuff called "Pork Chop Seasoning." But, it was NO effort to cook the meat, and we cooked it all at once. To me that means, stinking awesome.

So the other strange thing, is that it has pan you can put in for steaming things. And it has lava rocks in the bottom. But hello, much cheaper than gas and much more even cooking and easier clean up than charcoal. We can grill, roast, smoke or steam. Its a multifunctional pod of glory. And its RED. What more can I say.

So that means the next thing we try cooking? Smoked turkey. That is right, we will smoke the whole bird. It will only take a week to thaw the sucker. Maybe it will happen by/for my birthday. How do we celebrate getting older? With meats.

Alice is growing out of 2T clothes all of a sudden. Half of her shirts are snug on her. Same with dresses. Thomas is filling out 9mo clothes with style. And he is almost 5 months old! Go him. I suppose at some point I will have to drag myself to yard sales to find some 3 T stuff for Alice.

I guess I should have titled this something to do with meat. Since that is all I talked about. Oh well. So long random rambling blog post.

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