Tuesday, June 8

Guess what!

Our garden is growing! That is right, after not planting anything except the tomatoes, eggplants, and herbs I started from seed...we finally got things in the ground. On Memorial Day. Slightly late, but the week before that was pretty wet and chilly. Over the weekend I took pictures of the plants that are sprouting. With a little luck they will grow fruitful. The plants are much bigger now, but its rainy again and I have been dealing with a screaming crying Thomas all day and frankly I don't want to go take pictures. SO here they are (click on pics to see them better):

First are the cucumbers. We have lemon cukes and another kind (forgot the name, but its similar to an english cuke).
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Next are the melons. These will be tiger melons - small orange and green striped watermelon type things. We also have a few other variety of hierloom melons including some cantelope/musk melon types.
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Next are a few container plants. The left is wild strawberries. The right os cilantro and oregano.
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And finally the plant I can grow like a pro...tomatoes. We have lots more plants. And they look lots better now (I had just pruned these). If you look closely you can see some geen grass like things in the corner...that is Onions! Grown from seed no less. Go me. And if you look close and use your imagination you can see the start of the Purple (green) pole bean plant at the base of a tomato plant. I am going to see of they will grow up the tomato plant supports. We have quite a few more that have grown since and some ate 8 inches tall now.
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Other than that, Thomas has been teething and not sleeping well for the last week or so. We are both suffering. Alice things Hylands Teething Tablets taste good (I tried one they are not yummy). Thomas has his first cow milk...courtesy Alice and her sippy cup. Daniel's summer programming class starts tonight so I won't see him until 9ish pm. And I have started making things for Christmas. [I am in a stocking stuffer swap. I am making magnetic paper dolls.]

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disillusioned said...

Awesome garden! I'm letting mine just grow naturally (as I won't be here all summer)--but the plants you gave me last year are doing well!

Good luck with the teething!

Mary P.