Tuesday, August 31

Cat, cat CAT! And colored string.

I am hosting a yarn co-op for a cloth diaper forum I belong to. If you are a string Luhvrrr and want to buy some Cestari yarn. Check out my order form here {I am a link click me}.

And...Alice finally figured out this is not a cat. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have the doll partway assembled now, I just haven't take more pics yet.

She saw it and was Cat, Cat! Cat. CAT! CAT! (etc)
I finally let her have the doll because there are lots of pins and a needle in the rear and I knew a scuffle would have someone stabbed.
She lays it down in front of the TV then says...a baby? Awww, a baby. So the baby got bundled and shushed to sleep.

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