Tuesday, August 3

Preserving Food!

Well, today isn't Saturday. Though it sure felt that way. Its a Tuesday.

Daniel took the day off of work and we got up early and went to the berry patch to pick blueberries. We picked a little more than 2.5lbs ourselves. But, I had wanted to try making blueberry butter (think apple butter but from blueberries) and that needed about 3lbs for a batch. So I bought a bag of the "We Pick" berries.

Yes, we bought $27 worth of blue fruit. And once I forced Alice to taste one, she didn't put any more in the bucket.

I currently have a 5 qt crockpot and a 6 cup crock pot filled with the makings of blueberry butter on the counter. I misinterpreted the directions and thought I should double the batch so it would fill the crockpot more. Um, it filled it all right. But there was no room left for the millions of cups of sugar. So I scooped some into the mini crock pot and called it good.

I also learned that 4oz jelly jars are 1/2c in volume. (Thanks Google!) So we will have a dozen of the 8oz jars and 2 dozen of the 4oz jars. Yes, slightly overboard. Guess I shouldn't have doubled the recipe.

And I bought a Blue Book from Ball, so I am thinking of all sorts of yummy things I will can! I took some pics...but I haven't taken them off the camera's memory card yet. I can't wait until the blue yumminess is done!

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Michelle said...

I made 5 quarts of peaches, 3 quarts of salsa, and 5 quarts of pickles. Peaches and cucumbers are on sale this week, so I bought massive amounts of them, and we have tomatoes and peppers out our ears from our garden. Preserving food is so awesome...