Tuesday, August 31

Our house is under an electrical curse

For real.

So the washer died and was replaced last week. The day we got the new washer the vacuum made a boom (ok it was a tiny boom since it was a vacuum) and gave up the ghost. So we shell out $ for a new one. (We got it yesterday and I am in love so far.)

Then today, while Daniel is on the desktop computer there is a crackapow! and the desktop starts smoking and won't turn on again. Its probably the power supply. But it might have also fried the memory.

I am so sick of spending $ on broken crap. I am trying to sew up a trade for an older desktop computer though. Thank goodness I have mad skillz.

I just sewed these for a trade and we are getting a crazy amount of crocheted play food in return. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And I found someone in search of froggy stuff, so I am going to be sewing her some more things similar to this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic We haven't worked out the details like quantity, but it makes me glad I thought I would sew the family matching pajamas last winter for Christmas. Even though I soon realized that sitting on a harder chair to sew killed my pregnant hips. So yeah, we already have plenty of the fabric!

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