Tuesday, August 17

Morning Activities!

We got up early this morning. Sort of. I needed the car, and Daniel went into work late.

Then we went visiting teaching. I noticed that the tire looked squatty. When we came out less than an hour later it looked worse. We immediately drove to the nearest gas station repair shop.

For $17 I got the screw removed and the tire patched. And for $2.66 I bought snacks to stop the kids from creaming. It took less than 20 minutes.

Then we came home and Alice ate watermelon...then stripped and pooped on the floor. I stuck her on the toilet then cleaned. Then I cleaned the rest of the living room and vacuumed. The vacuum sounded funny, so I emptied it and cleaned the completely white filters. They turned black once all the strange powdery stuff was washed off. ANd it stopped smelling like air freshener too. A major perk for those of sensitive nose...like me.

Then Alice turned a roll of TP into stair streamers...and sent it for a trip. Hooray.

She is dressed and the living room is mostly clean and Thomas is in need of a de-pooing of the diaper. Oh and I bought Daniel's textbook for school. And I found out if you buy videos from Amazon they now put them in a video on demand section in your account. Nifty! I did part of a yoga video I bought. Holy cow am I out of shape. My legs were tired in the first 4 minutes from the squats.

OK Alice is being mean to Thomas and he is really wanting changed, so toodles!

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