Sunday, August 8

Limited Phone

Our computer monitor went the way of all the earth this morning. Daniel tried to turn it on, and there was a light and then darkness. That is the computer I bought ages ago. About 8 years ago. And there has been someone as a student almost every semester since then.

Anyway, we are working on getting another monitor. And hoping for one of the free variety. Also, the battery on the laptop has drastically decreased its time it keeps a charge. So instead of a couple of hours of charge time, we get a little over half an hour. Sarcastic hooray.

Daniel starts classes next week. We should have things figured out by then.


disillusioned said...

I might be able to get you a monitor...will get back to you.

Mary P.

disillusioned said...

I should most likely be able to get you a monitor. Can't get it to you until Thursday--you can have it for nuthin :) Will let you know closer to Thursday what time and such :)


Danno said...

Nuthin is a beautiful word.

Becca said...

Sweet! Thanks Mary!